Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Knits

So what did I end up getting done for Christmas?  What do you make when you are in a rush?  How about a modified pair of Selbu fingerless mitts?  (Ha, Ha)

I made these for The Daughter.  You just never know what she is going to like so I am always a little nervous making something really "different" for her.  However, these got squeals of delight and rave reviews--whew!

The next thing I managed to finish--one of a kind "Mom I want you to make me these gloves I thought up.  I want them to be black and lime green checkered, with......"

They turned out really cute and PB has worn them almost non-stop.  He was so excited to get them.  He loves everything I knit for him.

It wasn't much but at least I got to give them something special from me.  HB got the pair of "Outdoorsman" socks I made for the Sockamania November pattern.  So everyone was happy.

On the Sockamania note, this is the new sock for January:

I love it!  It is called "Snowy Winters Eve".  I used Haneke merino/linen/aplaca for the navy blue main color and Haneke's angora blend for the white "snow".  The socks are warm, soft and wonderful. 

So, I made it through another "Christmas knitting craze".  I am already making New Year's resolutions that THIS year will be different!  I will start right away planning gifts to knit and I will dilligently work on them all through the year so that December doesn't sneek up on me again. (I think that is what I say every year). 

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My heart is full as I approach Christmas this year.  I have so much to be thankful for.  A wonderful husband, really good children, a warm house (it's 5 below zero again right now), a really good job that I enjoy, and good friends--I really miss all of you and think of you every day.

I am thankful for my cyber friends around the world.  You inspire me everyday and I feel blessed to know you.  So much talent and ability!!  It keeps me motivated.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May this be the best one for all of you.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Be Careful What You Look For

Ya, so we found it.  The wiring in the house IS THE ORIGINAL WIRING.  It's like a hundred years old.  I don't quite know how I feel about living in a house where the wiring might start a fire at any moment.  I have WAY too much yarn and fiber.  If it caught fire I would be the crazy lady running back into the house, braving the flames and smoke, to rescue my yarn and knitting supplies, sweaters, fiber, spinning wheels, etc.

Also the boiler is THE ORIGINAL BOILER.  I know nothing, zero, zip about boilers.  But a hundred year old, coal burning boiler doesn't seem to great.  I guess you have to watch the gauges on it and take buckets of water down under the house, where the boiler is at,  to fill it up at least once a week so that it doesn't run out of water, build up too much pressure, and explode.  I don't know how I feel about that either.

I am really torn.  Is it worth the risks?  It has been standing for over a hundred years after all--no fires, no exploding boilers.  Eight rooms, a yarn shop in the front............a fire destroying all of my yarn..........What would you do?  Would you risk it?  Does it sound worth it to you?  I have to have some input here.  Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Must Be the Season

Well, it's official.  I have completely lost my mind.  (No it has nothing to do with knitting this time--well, maybe some of it.)  I just agreed to move AGAIN next month.  It really isn't too surprising.  After all, growing up I moved like this all the time.  We would live in a house a couple of months then move or buy a house.  Live in that place a year and then move again.  In total, growing up, I moved 20 or 25 times by the time I was 17 years old.

Why would I even consider moving again with all of HB's back problems leaving him completely unable to help me and two teenagers with all of the packing, cleaning and then unpacking?  Why would I put myself through all of that exhausting work AGAIN when we just barely finished moving into the place we are right now?  WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I THINKING?  AM I COMPLETELY NUTS!!!!? 

Well, let me tell you a little about WHERE we are moving.  It is a three story victorian mansion with 8, yes that would be EIGHT, bedrooms, a dining room the size of my entire downstairs area where we live right now, a parlor that will make the most amazing yarn/jewelry shop in the world, all hard wood flooring, 15 foot ceilings in the kitchen and dining room, beautiful antique chandeliers, an amazing entry way that features a winding solid oak stair case with original banistering, so much storage space that ALL of our current belongings could be put into there--we are talking about furnishings and decor to completely fill a 1200sq ft home and two work shops, a library.....need I say more?  I am sure you get the picture.  Not only that, but a sweet little old grandmotherly lady owns it and is renting it for about the same as what we are paying for the sardine can we live in right now.  When she told me how much rent was, I dropped my phone.  She has had workmen fixing and replacing pipes, windows, etc. to make the home cozy and not drafty and more energy efficient.  As far as the store that we can put in the parlor, the place is zoned for residential and commercial AND it is located right in downtown on the main road.  We are talking about places that everybody in town will drive by or visit DAILY.  Even tourists will be able to easily find it because it is one the main road through town.  AND the nearest yarn shop (competition) is 85 miles away!  I can hardly contain myself!!

The lady that owns it mentioned she would love to see us buy it someday and she would be happy to carry the loan herself.  WOW!  I am sure there is a down side to this somewhere.  We have been looking at the place and mulling it over for about a week now.  Mostly trying to find a downside to the idea, besides the "moving again" part.  I spoke to her this morning and let her know we would take it.  So, I guess it's official. 

It's going to take me six months to decorate the place!  At least there is no lack of space, or wondering where in the world I am going to put all of my paintings.  AND a store....where my yarn can all be out.....where I can see it.....(sigh)......and my spinning wheels can have all the room they want..........and won't it be a sight to drive by and see me sitting out on that victorian front porch, in the summer time, spinning.  WOW.

I'll let you know when I find the downside.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It has been so cold here for the last two weeks!!  I keep thinking that the temperature is going to rise and we are going to warm back up a little bit since, techically, it's still Autumn--winter doesn't officially start until December 21st.  But, so far, no chance.  The thermometer in my car hasn't registered a number over 3 degrees Farenheit for days and that is the HIGH!  It has been below zero every night and if you add in the wind chill we have seen temperatures as low as 35 below zero.  THAT'S COLD PEOPLE!!!  You don't just run outside real quick to grab something out of the car or a piece of wood without putting on the entire abominable snowman outfit--we are talking serious "keep you warm" fibers here; angora/cashmere/camel down/buffalo down scarf, hat, double layer mittens, and serious Antartica approved coat.  At least we haven't been as bad as the other side of the state.  Laramie, Cheyenne, and Casper have seen 45 below zero.  Trust me, all temperatures once you get below zero ARE NOT the same, as I mistakenly thought before experiencing 20 below zero temperatures.

It hasn't really snowed much.  Mostly because the wind blew all of the snow that was falling here all the way to Colorado--where they got 8 to 12 inches in my hometown (which is in the desert and rarely sees any snow at all during the winter).  My brother, who still lives there, said he would rather have all the snow than the extreme cold.  I am used to the roads melting off during the day, but I guess that regardless of how bright the sunshine is, if it's below zero nothing is going to melt.

So, I am currently experiencing the "two weeks til Christmas knitting frenzy".  In fact, it is so bad today that I can't seem to get going on my knitting because I don't know which project is the priority.  I have PB complaining that he still doesn't have any gloves or mittens and his hands are freezing at the bus stop every morning.  The Daughter thinks I am secretly working on the hat/scarf set she pointed out she would really appreciate having.  I gave up on knitted stuff for my brother, and in-laws completely last night.  And I guess HB will just get the socks I finished last week that I was making for someone else. 

What happened?  I thought I had it all covered.  I had seven pairs of socks finished and all of my yarn and patterns for everything in place.  The only thing I can think of is I moved and started designing patterns for Sockamania.  Moving is so time consuming (wasting!).  There's all that packing and then unpacking.  Trying to find the right box to put things in and then the right place to put it away.  All that cleaning, loading, and unloading.  Of course, when the day is done you are so tired and it is usually so late that you barely have the energy to undress so you can go to bed.  Sockamania hasn't been too time consuming itself.  If I'd quit changing my mind about the pattern or the yarn or the needles and making the sock over and over again it wouldn't take me but a week to have the entire thing ready to go.

Anyway, I hope everyone isn't too disappointed with their gifts this year.  I better get busy on those mittens for PB or he may end up with frost bite and then I will feel really bad.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Newest Sweater and Some Musings

As promised here is my latest sweater. It is from the same book as the other two--Best of Lopi. I used "Ecology" wool from Cascade for the main color and then left-over's for the accent colors. I thought it was kind of ugly as I was knitting it. After all the main color is quite drab. But when I finished it and put it on I was pleasantly surprised at how great it looked! I am loving these sweaters!! I have come up with a reason that I like them--NO SEWING is involved! I have avoided making many things because sewing was required. Not that I can't sew; I've quilted and sewn many items over the years. I just hate sewing up sweaters!!! I swear it takes as long to sew the darn thing up as it took to knit all of the pieces. These Icelandic sweaters have just a few stitches under the arm that you graft together and that is it! The entire sweater is knit in the round from the bottom to the collar. As I mentioned in the last post, I have yarn to make two more sweaters. Both of them will be out of Lopi yarn. I am so anxious to make them I about can't sleep at night! I've never made anything with Lopi brand yarn and I have seen advertisements that it is the warmest wool out there. I can't wait to compare it with the Australian brand yarn that I made the first two sweaters with. I will let you know if it truly is the warmest--I have tried just about every brand of wool yarn on the planet.

Now for the "Musings". Every winter I find myself doing this--in fact I may have posted about it before--I begin to look around at what people are wearing to keep themselves warm. I see small children in nasty acrylic knitwear that I know is not keeping them warm. There are teenagers on the ski slopes wearing very trendy hats, ear warmers, maybe even sweaters made in various third world countries out of the cheapest, scratchiest, worst wool on the planet (that's right, there is such thing as "yucky" wool). I walk through the malls and shopping centers and see racks and racks of trendy/holiday/fashionable sweaters, socks, mittens, gloves, hats, etc. all mass produced and just like the ones in the store next door and none of which will keep you very warm or comfortable.

During all of this I am wondering, "What are people thinking?" Do they think that ALL knitted items are the same? Is that hat the reason you think all wool is scratchy? Is your childs hat the reason you think that knit items don't really keep you warm? Do you go by that polar fleece junk because you think it will keep you warm in sub-zero weather? Did you spend all that money at that fancy sporting goods store for those socks because the tag says they are the warmest? HB even get's caught up in the notion that "commercially" produced fabrics and knitwear can rival hand-knit items even though he KNOWS it doesn't.

When I go to make an article of clothing or an accessory I ask myself, "Who is going to be wearing this? Where do they live? What temperatures could they encounter? Will it be wet and rainy, windy, snowing, below zero?" All of those play an important part in not only the style of the item, but most importantly WHAT fiber the article will be made from. For example: HB has an earflap hat I made for him a couple of years ago when he was spending almost his entire work day outside in various Colorado locations--some as high as 8,000-9,000 feet elevation. This hat is made from a black yarn--a blend of cashmere, merino wool, and silk. I knit it with needles that would be considered much to small for the bulky weight yarn I used. Why this particular style, fiber content, and needle variation? Because:

1. Black colored clothing will soak up any sunshine and help keep you toasty warm no matter what the temperature drops to.

2. Cashmere, merino, and silk are all very fine, very dense fibers. These fibers are known to keep you as much as 8 times warmer than regular wool (WAY warmer than the acrylic junk!! or polar fleece).

3. Smaller needles than what you would normally use to get gauge with a particular yarn will produce a firmer, more dense fabric. This makes the hat water and wind resistant. HB has actually worn his hat out riding our ATV in the snow and wind up in the mountains and his ears never got cold.

You see, hand knit items, especially when the knitter knows the purposes and uses for the item, are FAR superior to anything you can buy in any store anywhere.

I also spin yarn. Which means that I can get REALLY carried away with the details that go into making an item. I can make the yarn with any blend of any fibers I want. If I need extra strength--hemp, extra warmth--angora or cashmere or silk or all three. I can hand pick the wool. Just because something says it's made from wool DOES NOT mean it is going to be just like the other wool sweater or socks you have. Even wool from the same sheep can vary from year to year depending on it's diet, the climate, the weather, etc. Hand picking the wool ensures that you are getting all of the qualities you want to incorporate into the hand-knit item.

Sorry, I do get very carried away when it comes to the society we live in being slaves to whatever is for sale in the store. There are so many people out there that think they have to endure cold feet, hands, ears, etc. because they have given up finding something warm to wear. Me, I look forward to winter! But then........I knit!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Did someone say that it's only 25 days until Christmas!? Where have I been? What have I been doing?

Oh.....ya....I've been knitting sweaters for ME instead of knitting Christmas gifts. In fact I just finished #3 yesterday. I don't have pictures yet because it is still drying. I will try to post some later this week. I love it!! I got the yarn to make two more sweaters, for me, last week. Unfortunately, I probably better put the breaks on this "sweater making" spree and get busy making gifts.

These silly sweaters are just so much fun.............and they're for me............and I need some warm sweaters because it's December and it's cold...............I wonder if anyone will notice that I didn't knit anyone Christmas gifts this year?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Socks, Socks, Socks

With the end of November right around the corner my November Sockamania design will be going on sale in my etsy store. The pattern is called, "The Outdoorsman".

The sock features an optional "boot cuff" for keeping thistles and critters out of your hunting/hiking boots. The sock is made with sport weight yarn and the patterning is really simple! Making this sock a quick and easy Christmas gift for the outdoor enthusiast on your list.

Also, the December sock pattern will be posted and available on the Google group for Sockamania on December 1st. But since I can't wait another minute to unveil it.........

It's called "Peppermint Stick". I couldn't resist putting a double braid on there! I love braids! I got the inspiration for the sock when we went to a living history museum gift shop and they had jars and jars of the old fashioned penny candy sticks. There was licorice, watermelon, peppermint, cinnamon, cherry, black raspberry, etc. I thought that the twisted candy would look cool as a sock. So, if you don't like peppermint make them in any flavor you like! Black and white for licorice, red and pink for cinnamon, pink and apple green for watermelon, dark purple and pink for black raspberry, etc.
It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with in December!! If you aren't a member of Sockamania and would like to join click on over there and check it out. We will be issuing new memberships starting January 2010.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Mittens and An Anniversary Present for Me

Ok, as promised, here are the mittens I made for HB.

Aren't they cool? HB LOVES them. I am so glad. I made some cashmere fingerless mitts to wear over them or inside of them so that he can use them for ice fishing. Unfortunately when I told him that is what I made the mittens and liners for he gave me a horrified look and said, "I will NOT wear these ice fishing! It would ruin them! I will wear them for driving. And when I am not wearing them for driving they should be framed and put on the wall for art." He is so silly!

The pattern is one I bought on Ravelry. They are called "Fisherman's Mittens". The Son put in his order for a pair as soon as he saw his dad's. So, I will be making more--sometime.

I have learned two valuable lessons while making these mittens.

1. Always keep the finished mitten with you when you go to make the second mitten. This will hopefully keep you from making two "Right Hand" mittens. (Hege will appreciate this info.) I made the mistake of leaving the first "Right Hand" mitten at home while I worked on the other one in the car, at appointments, etc. BIG MISTAKE! Only after completely finishing the second mitten and presenting them to HB did I realize I had made two "Right Hand" mittens. Swearing and name calling (at the, and of the mittens) ensued. I WAS SO MAD (insanely angry) at myself. I recovered though and managed to make a "Left Hand" mitten.

2. Use the best possible short "finger" knitting needles you can buy! I have tried several different types and brands. Finally, I found some made by Skacel--Addi the other day in Blazing Needles. THE BEST! Making the thumb is my least favorite knitting thing to do--even less favorite than hand sewing, and you all know how much I hate that! These needles were PERFECT, even better than all of the wooden and bamboo ones I have tried. As a result, I may make that second pair for The Son.

Anyway, with that said, this was my anniversary present:
I realize that most of you out there are saying, "Oh boy" (heavy sarcastic inflection here). Actually, if you look closely at the second picture you will see why HB bought them for me. See the selection of washing cycles? "Washable Wool" is on there. HB, knowing that I love superwash wool so much that I have actually written a poem called, "Ode to Superwash Wool", he thought that I would find that cycle especially wonderful. And he was right!! Someone at GE obviously has a knitter in their life! Who else, besides a knitter or someone close to a knitter, would think to put a "Washable Wool" cyle in a washing machine. The dryer also has a retractable rack that you can lay various (meaning socks, sweaters, etc) on to "air dry" quickly without felting them. YEAH ME! He also bought me a whole bucket (basket, huge bag, barrel, whatever large container you can think of) of some of my favorite yarns. Ya, that's why I married him.
Well, now that I have made all of you knitters jealous.......Happy knitting!

Monday, November 09, 2009


LOVING our new place! We are almost completely unpacked.

HB bought some new furniture for the living room. Our old couch weighs just slightly more than a grand piano and it takes 4 really buff football players or 6 regular people to move it. (It was a double lazy boy couch with a table top island in the center. 8 feet long and three feet deep!) We have moved it three times and that was that! I am only one little girl and HB can't help at all because of his back. So it was time for the couch to find a new home! The one we replaced it with is very nice and the money from the old one paid for the new one (YEAH! I like when that works out!). Plus we got a LOVELY chair to match. HB said I needed a really good "knitting" chair. He is so wonderful! He is also looking a coffee table to match that, as he descibed it to me, has "two big drawers under the table top for storing yarn". (Don't you wish your husband would shop for things with your yarn habit in mind? I am really spoiled!)

I got his mittens finished. Unfortunately I still don't have a picture of them. I promise to post one of them this week. They turned out really nice! Wait til you see them! HB was thrilled! He shows them off everywhere we go.

I will try to get some pictures of the new house and furniture to post with the mittens for next time.

Gotta go for now.
Happy knitting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Changes--It's About Time!

It was bound to happen. I am just surprised it took 13 months! We quit the motel and moved out! I quit--sort of--in May when I went to work as the store manager for a fireworks warehouse, but HB has held on until we are all so miserable and sick of the place that we couldn't stand it another second.

I know that managing a motel doesn't sound so awful, but being "live-in Managers" is the most awful job on the planet! I worked one hunting season for a meat processing plant--processing all the hunters' deer and elk. It was a smelly!! dirty, long hour, messy job. BUT! I would rather do that all year long than work one more day at that motel!

You have to realize that almost every person that comes in asking for a room is tired, been driving for hours along some pretty boring landscape, surrounded by a lot of semi trucks, fighting the wind across the prairie, etc. and they are irritable! I had no idea that the general public--traveller--has completely abandoned all of the manners that I am sure their mother or grandmother taught them was proper! Just thinking about the experiences I have had, I have to just shake my head in disbelief. It really is disappointing to see so many people behave so deplorably. Even older people!! who I know that were raised in a society where manners were expected! I want to yell at them, "What would your mother think if she saw/heard you acting like that!"

Anyway, on top of the terrible atmosphere of the place, the rude guests who have neither brains, common sense, nor manners, the owner of the motel has robbed us for the last time. He is the biggest liar/cheat I have ever met! I am sure the only reason he has gotten away with it for so many years is because he and his family own most of the town we live in. I have heard all sorts of gossip about them and the things they have pulled over the years. It's interesting, he could be a force for good in this community and have a really up-standing reputation, but instead no one in this town respects him and to say you are related to him is a put-down.

So, once the "straw broke the camels back" last week HB and I went out, rented a condo and started moving out. The place we got is really cute and the kids are so happy they don't want to go back to the motel and help pack. I can't blame them. We spent the weekend moving all of the big stuff and should be completely out by this coming weekend.

In the mean time, I have almost finished the November Sockamania pattern. It is going to be great! Really easy, fun, sport weight yarn so it will make up fast, etc., etc., etc. I listed the yarn for the pattern in my etsy store earlier today and the pattern will be available November 2nd. The October pattern, Autumn Leaves will go on sale in my store the same day.

I am also in the middle of making HB a present for our anniversary. I can't post pictures until I give it to him because he will sneek in here and peek. But I am so excited about it!! I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him. I will post pictures later.

Well, I better be off! It's almost lunch time and I haven't got anything done this morning--too tired!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ooooo's and Ahhhhh's

I realize what a "Knit" wit this makes me look like, but in the middle of designing last months sock pattern for Sockamania and spinning up the yarn for, and knitting two pairs of hunting socks for a customer I made this sweater:

Isn't it great! I love it. It turned out really good. The yarn is some I bought with my birthday money back in August. It isn't Lopi, but it makes a good substitute. It is the same yarn I used for the last sweater I made (Mauch) in different colors. The pattern is from "The Best of Lopi" also and the pattern name is "Brigitte".

And look at the cute buttons I found to put on it! I found the buttons at Blazing Needles in Salt Lake City. I love pewter buttons!

Anyway, the socks for my customer don't look too exciting, but they are made from my handspun angora/wool blend yarn. They are sooooo soft! and the minute you put them on your feet warm up. I am going to have to make some for my family for this winter. I made a nice fingering weight yarn and knit them up on US size 2 needles. Very plain, but very warm!
I love knitting!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My First Sockamania Design

I was so excited to get my October sock design posted that I forgot some details on the pattern. Ooops! It's all fixed now. Here is the sock:

It turned out really good! I am going to be giving this pair as a Christmas present.....maybe. I really like them a lot! If I keep going I will have at least one pair of socks to give everyone on my Christmas list. I have made A LOT of socks this year! I will be listing the "Autumn Leaves" pattern for sale on my etsy store on November 1st if you would like to get it and aren't a member of Sockamania. (members get their patterns for free).

SOCKAMANIA DESIGN SNEEK PREVIEW: I am already about 1/4 of the way through the November sock. The yarn is a little heavier and the sock is knit on size 3 needles so they make up a little faster. I will have three different colors that the socks can be made from available in my etsy store and there will be a link in two weeks to the yarn in case anyone wants to use the same yarn I did for the pattern. I haven't made anything with this yarn before. It's different; not the usual wool, or bamboo style sock yarn. I am anxious to see how the finished item looks. I like it so far. The pattern requires good stitch definition and this yarn delivers! Stay tuned for more sneek peeks!

It snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday morning it was pouring rain and about 60 degrees F, but by noon the temperature had dropped to about 40, the wind was blowing and it had started snowing little flakes. HB and I went to Salt Lake for the afternoon and when we came back it was snowing hard and accumulating. It was very cold last night so the snow is still on the ground. WHAT HAPPENED TO FALL? I mean there are still trees that haven't even started to turn colors. There is still green grass for crying out loud! I have a feeling that Fall is going to be very short lived here this year. Oh well, out with the summer clothes and "HELLO" sweaters! My new sweater is almost finished--just the buttons to sew on. (I'll post pictures soon!) I can't wait to wear it!

Anyway, happy knitting!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Will Survive!

Well, believe it or not, I have finished the October sock design for Sockamania! However, I had planned to give the socks away for a Christmas gift to a relative but they are so........hmmm what is the word? WONDERFUL, LOVELY, AWESOME, AMAZING, ETC. that I want to keep them. Not being conceited, but I designed a GREAT pair of socks. HB was even surprised when, as a result of not getting the proper attention for them from him, I told him I designed the pattern for them. He's like, "Wow! I thought you had knit them from a book or something." (Then realizing what he just said he quickly recovered by saying, "Well I'm not surprised. Everything you make is amazing. I just can't believe how talented you are.") They really are exciting. I just hope they aren't too difficult. They really make up quickly once you complete the first pattern repeat and have the basic idea of how the pattern flows. The toe is a little tricky, but I think it will be ok. I LOVE THEM! I will post pictures here after the pattern is revealed October 1st for the KAL.

No hearing coming up in a week! Yeah! I think........I guess......I hope it's a good thing anyway. HB, completely fed up with six years of pain and suffering--more from the insurance company and lawyers than from the injury--decided to settle; "take the money and run" so to speak. He just wants to be able to get care when he needs care and help when he needs help without having to wait 3-6- or 12 months for the insurance company to ok it--because they are looking for a way to call it "not reasonable or necessary". He decided that since all of his surgeons and doctor's have said that there isn't anything else that can be done for him, except the placement of a spinal stimulator, that he wanted to move on. There are some "alternative medicine" treatments out there that he would like to try, but the insurance companies won't pay for them. He sees this as his opportunity to try them out. It's kind of scary! I sure hope we don't regret it at some point.

We are still stuck in this awful place. I keep hoping that we will leave soon, but nothing yet. We found out the other day that the motel owner is selling the place. He won't come right out and tell us, because he doesn't want us to leave until it's sold, but some people came by to look at it and then the next day a consulting firm of some sorts called and said that their client was interested in purchasing the motel. So who knows how much longer we will be here. Seeing that our house is part of the motel, if the motel sells we loose our house and jobs. That can be taken as good and bad, if you know what I mean. Good, because then we can move away. Bad because then we don't have anywhere to live and HB doesn't have a job anymore.

It should be interesting to see how things go for the next several months for us. Don't you think?

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am having so much fun with my new venture! However, I keep changing my mind about this pattern I am trying to have FINISHED in 9 days. It started out WAY too complicated--not for me because I am just knitting the thing, as I go along, out of my head. I went to put it on paper over the weekend and realized that it was so complicated that I didn't know if I COULD put it on paper. So, last night I started over. Now I have to have at least one sock completed and the pattern for this new sock done and ready to post in 9 days. I am sure I can do it. I figure it takes my about 8 to 10 hours to knit a sock and about 4 to 6 hours to write up the pattern. I have roughly 200 hours to get it done. Oh wait! I have to sleep so......136 hours. Oh ya! I also cook for the Fam. so now I am at about 126. Let's see, work, getting ready for work/bed, cleaning, laundry, church, work--itself......HOLY COW! I think I am down to only about 60 hours. I still have time though..........Right? I better get busy.

I found a great deal on some sock yarn today (while I was pretending that I didn't have anything else better to do but shop for yarn online). I ordered it and can't wait to get it dyed! I will dye all the yarn for my 12 months of patterns first and then do some "seasonal" stuff afterward. I have 14,400 yards coming (LOL! yes for real!) so I should have plenty to play with for awhile. If my new yarn, pattern designing, and regular job don't keep me busy nothing will!

HB's worker's comp. hearing is coming up in two weeks. I am already feeling sick to my stomach. It's like life or death for him, so the whole concept is a little stressful. I just keep worrying that we are going to somehow loose--and then what will we do!? I know one things is for sure, that worthless attorney of his BETTER NOT LET THE OPPOSING COUNSEL WIN!!! or else............or else what, I don't know. I don't ever let myself think any further than "or else" because, well because we better not loose!!! That's all there is too it!

The daughter is all officially 16 years old now. (Nothing like kids growing up to make one feel old. Every time I try being in denial about my age one of the kids remind me of how old THEY are, which means I have to be MY age.) Anyway, she still doesn't get her drivers license though, because we think she needs more practise driving! Besides that, she isn't going to get to drive when the snow starts falling, so she can wait until LATE spring next year. Good thing she agrees with us so there isn't any arguments. She had a really good birthday and got lots of money to waste on breakfast at McDonald's before school and clothes that she will never wear. We put on a really big birthday party for her and her friends out at a lake here, complete with fireworks (of course!). It was fun.

Last night was our first night of "below freezing". The trees had given up on it getting cold, so they have already turned yellow. Last night gave them the reason though. It is mid afternoon and only 50 degrees F in the sun. Yesterday at this time it was 78 degrees. I think Fall is here! I LOVE AUTUMN! It is my most favorite season, and not just because Halloween is my favorite holiday either. I love the smell and the colors and the feel of the air and the color of the sky and the fact that I can start wearing socks and sweaters! and everything else there is about the season.

Well, I probably better quit procrastinating and get busy on this sock pattern. The hours are ticking away!

Monday, September 14, 2009

News Flash

I guess I should post my news on here also. A few weeks ago Anni, of Sockamania, said that she was going to close the KAL down. Not wanting a good thing to end I emailed her and asked how she would feel if I took over designing the sock patterns for the club.

We emailed back and forth a couple of times working out the details, but (drum roll here) I will be doing the sock designs for Sockamania! I am really excited!!! So excited that I couldn't go to sleep the other night so I designed all the patterns that I want to do, in my head, for the next 12 months.

I am about half way done with October's pattern--hard copy and socks not just the day dream one--and have dyed up the yarn for it including an alternative, more masculine color that can be used also. Did I mention I am excited!?

If you read my blog and would like to join, come on over to Sockamania's blog and follow the sign up instructions. The more the merrier! It's going to be a lot of fun!

Here is the yarn I dyed as a sneek peek into what the October pattern will be about:

Autumn Maple Leaf:

Autumn Evergreen:

As soon as Sockamania club members have all received their free pattern the October pattern will go on sale in my etsy store November 1, 2009. The yarn is for sale now.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Sweater

Here are the promised pictures of my new sweater.

The pattern is from "The Best of Lopi" book and the name of the pattern is "Gislina". I wasn't able to find a LYS that carried Lopi brand yarn to I substituted a yarn called Mauch Chunky by Kraemer Yarns. I found it to be very similar to Lopi in every way except that it isn't quite as thick. I had to follow the directions for two sizes bigger in order to make the sweater the right size for me. I also wanted to make a more fitted sweater--similar to the "original" icelandic sweater that the Lopi pattern was based on. I think it turned out WONDERFUL!
Now it just needs to hurry up and get cold enough all day so that I can wear it!!
I can't wait to get my cardigan finished. I need to get the sleeves done and then finish the yoke and then I will post pictures of it!! I am still obsessesd with sweaters! When that one is done I am making plans to knit one for my son for a Christmas gift. I can't wait to get started on it--I did order Lopi from Patternworks for it though so I have to wait for the yarn to get here. In the mean time, I have a sweater from "French Girl Knits" that I am going to start. Hopefully my ability to complete the projects continues. Heaven knows I have enough UFO's hanging around already because of this Sweater Thing I have going on right now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

YES! No wait...Maybe? Oh forget it!

I have been sulking for the past week. I had everything in place to move us back "HOME"--a house, some money, school, people to help us, etc. when some lame-brained doctor decided to change my plans. Within 24 hours of having the first load of belongings headed for Colorado, HB's doctor notifies us that the best person for him to see is right over the mountain from where we are right now!

I am not going to pretend here, I AM NOT HAPPY! Some of you out there may not know this about me--other's of you have had the misfortune of knowing this about me--but when I am not happy about something I become terribly un-pretentious. I am a "no nonsense", up-front, "tell it like it REALLY is" kind of person anyway. BUT, when I am unhappy that part of my personality becomes painfully obvious. HB, knowing that my name means "Thunderbolt" in native american languages, has commented several times that he can see the "dark clouds" gathering above my head. He has been around long enough to know that when the "dark clouds" start gathering the "storm" isn't far behind. I spent most of this week pouting and crying and acting like a three year old. Then I spent two days feeling depressed. Today, I am beginning to feel slightly annoyed.

Ok! With that said, no, I am no longer moving back to Colorado anytime in the near future. I gave up the house I found, cancelled all of my plans and opportunities, and pouted about it all the way back from Colorado Wednesday night.

To make matters worse, my bestest best friend of almost 10 years went and did something stupid, hurt my feelings, and now we aren't on speaking terms. I am not usually one to hold a grudge, unless you really hurt my feelings and won't say you are sorry and try to fix it. Which she has no intention of doing because she thinks she is justified in what she did. WELL! At least I am no longer moving into a house right by hers! (I wonder how long I will have to give her the "silent treatment" before she pulls her head out of the clouds.)

Anyway, so you can see why I am feeling slightly annoyed today. Nothing seems to be going MY way right now. I don't know why I am fussing--nothing EVER goes my way. Which is why I do so much knitting. Knitting always goes my way!! (or it doesn't "go" at all!) I have made one and a half sweaters and spun up the yarn for socks and then knitted them up in only two weeks--and I work outside the house 45 hours a week. I have pictures of the first sweater, but haven't taken pictures of the socks or the progress on the other sweater yet. I will try to get the pictures of the completed sweater and socks on here by Monday.

I really don't know how the rest of the world copes with trials and troubles without knitting. Maybe the rest of the world doesn't have coping problems like I have......surely they have trials and troubles also. I do love my knitting and yarn and fiber. It is so predictable, soft, loyal, dependable, and available. It is always there for me when I need it. There to comfort me and tell me I can work through anything if I can work through a 12 color changing pair of Turkish Socks. If I can knit an icelandic sweater in the dark or with my eyes closed surely I can make it through living in Wyoming for a little longer? Yarn is such a good friend to me. Everytime I get even near a yarn store I can hear it calling to me, "Come see me. I will go home with you and be your best friend forever. I will never betray you or hurt your feelings. I will give you hours and hours of knitting pleasure and help you forget all your problems."

I really am not loosing it.......However, I am living in Wyoming so who know's!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Random Socks N Stuff

I didn't get the Sweater pictures, but here are the pictures of the socks I finished. (I barely got these--I was VERY busy knitting on my sweater last night! If I wait a few more days it will be finished and I will just take a picture of it on me!)

I really like them now that they are done. These have been a WIP in the knitting bag for months! I don't know why either. They were super easy. Once I got in and was working on them they were done in no time.

The pattern is called "Rollercoasters" and I got it from Yarn Addict Anni's sock of the month KAL Sockamania. The yarn and pattern was from her etsy store Here. The yarn is a hand dyed superwash wool and bamboo blend yarn. It washes up really nice! I still have great stitch definition!

We had some of the bands that are playing in the Warped Tour stay the night last night at the motel. 3oh3, All Time Low, Valencia, and a couple of others we hanging around and The Daughter got to get autographed pictures with them and autographed CD's. She was a little excited needless to say!

This is her with the bass player from 3oh3. Notice the huge smile!And this is her with members of the band Valencia. She had a great time yesterday! I've never seen her so anxious to work the front desk. All of the members of the bands were really nice and we barely knew they were there except that their huge tour buses were parked all the way around the motel. No wild and crazy partying or anything. HB ran some of them around town to the golf course and restaurants and said they were "just normal kids".

I heard that Red Hot Chili Peppers stayed at our motel last year or the year before--now THAT would have been fun for me!!! I like the bands that stayed with us last night but Red Hot Chili Peppers--they are right up there on my list of fav's!

So, the motel was fun for the first time in a year. LOL!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fun Stuff!

I didn't think it would ever happen, but just as you cannot stop the sun from rising--I "turned" 40 years old. ( I am using the phrasing from George Carlin who goes through the various significant birthdays and labels them. "Turned" was like something going bad or rotten.) I am still not sure how I feel about it. HB says, "You don't LOOK 40 so who cares." He is so sweet. I don't FEEL 40.

I had a great birthday though. It lasted the entire weekend. Saturday we went shopping all day. HB took me to the yarn store and said to buy whatever I want--my favorite present!!! I bought yarn to make the Icelandic sweater I have been drooling over for months (it's 1/3 of the way done already!) Then we went to lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants. For desert I had this AMAZING chocolate cake. It is flourless, super chocolatey, with almond and chocolate crunchies for a crust---oh man! Definately my favorite desert!!! It's like chocolate mousse but better--if you can imagine that. The kids spent Sunday cooking for me, giving me a manicure, entertaining me, etc, etc. It was so much fun! I have the best kids ever, make no mistake.

I have really been wanting to make a sweater fo the last few months. This is not a usual craving for me. I couldn't wait to get started on the Icelandic sweater! I spent most of Sunday knitting on it. The yarn isn't Lopi, but similar. I couldn't find any Lopi anywhere except online so I bought this Mauch brand. The fiber looks a lot like the Icelandic sheep fiber. Most people use Brown Sheep Co.'s Lambs Pride as a substitute, but I HATE mohair! Yes, yes I realize that it is a little odd for a fiberaholic like me to hate any fiber, but I can't stand mohair. Baby, ultra fine mohair is OK, but the mohair used in Lambs Pride is icky! I only use it for felt projects that I want to make appear furry. Anyway, this yarn is a little thinner than Lopi so if you use it as a substitute be sure to check your guage. My row count is right on but the stitch count is really short! As a result I went up a size on the sweater pattern, perhaps could have went up two sizes but I wanted a snug fit to the sweater rather than a "roomy" fit. I always have to make the sleeves 4 to 6 inches longer so I hope I have enough yarn. I bought extra just in case. I figure if I don't need it for the sweater I can make a GREAT hat with the leftovers.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. I took them last night and haven't had a chance to get them onto the computer. I will post pictures of the sweater and the socks I finished earlier this week hopefully tomorrow.

OK! Now for the really big news! WE ARE MOVING BACK TO COLORADO! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to go ahead and finish my degree. So I will be going back to school this Fall (like in a week). Between the ridiculous doctor situation that HB has had to deal with since moving, the lies that the motel owner told us to get us to take the job managing his motel, the AWFUL schools in this town, (Need I go on? If you want to know how awful it has been read the posts for the last year!) etc, etc, etc, we have simply HAD IT! We are going to go find a house next week. Then we will pack up and be out of here! I really am excited and can't wait.

The only one not happy is The Daughter. She has a point. She does have the best boyfriend on the planet. He is a member of our church, he has a good job working for the county, he is polite, respectful, a perfect gentleman, he works out and exercises really hard, he is drop dead gorgeous! and he has his future all planned out--College, religion, everything. Too bad they are both still teenagers or we would be making wedding plans! You just don't find a guy like him everyday. He is a one in a million--no more fish in the sea like that one! I hope they can keep it together even though we don't live here anymore. She deserves someone as wonderful as she is.

Anyway, so I don't know how often I will be posting in the next few weeks. I will try to post at least one more time before things get to chaotic so that you can see my sweater!

Yeah for Colorado! I am going home!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

As the World Twists and Turns

Once upon a time I wrote about knitting and yarn and the latest Yarn Harlot book. Now it seems like this blog has become my frustration outlet. I do apologize for that.

I was filling out a "Returning Student" admission form for college yesterday and had to go back through my blog to see what year it was when I last attended school. As I searched the entries I read a few, of course. I have lost myself somewhere in this whole twisted mess of insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, moving, jobs, etc. It is interesting how we can become so different in such a short amount of time. For example, I swear a lot more than I ever have--a definate sign of deep frustration for me. My temper is as short-fused as it was when I was a teenager--something that I have desperately worked on to control for years.

Some how HB and I have got to get this whole mess ironed out. It is really beginning to wear me out.

We made the decision, well the deciding part we already did like 9 months ago, to move back to Colorado. We have just had it. I don't know if it is the motel atmosphere that has ruined our entire Wyoming experience or if it's "just Wyoming". Either way, we can't leave here soon enough for me. I plan to go back to college and finish my degree while HB works on putting his life back together and getting some health care for a change. We already found a house and are just waiting to hear back from the owner. If everything falls into place, we will be "home" in three to four weeks. I guess we'll just go back to where we were two and a half years ago and start over.

Nothing new on the knitting front. I did finish my Lazy Leaves socks for Sockamania, swing by there and check them out. They are the ones that I was enjoying knitting so much with the wooden needles. I was almost sad to be done with them. I enjoyed each and every stich! Don't know who they will be for, but they joined the other dozen pairs that I have made and not given away. Maybe everyone in the family will get socks for Christmas this year. I don't know how some of them will feel about that, but at the rate money is going and with me attending school again they will be lucky to get anything at all.

I will try to stop posting all of my drama and go back to fun stuff. I just need to eliminate some of the drama and start DOING some of the fun stuff again!

Keep knitting!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am sitting here at work, bored for a change. The store is cleaned up and the empty spaces are slowly refilling. I had to let all of our seasonal help go--something I have been dreading since I hired them all on. I had the best crew ever! It was very difficult to decide who to keep and who to let go. There were a few who made it easier by volunteering to go first, but others it was not so easy and I would have liked to keep them all. I won't be here next year, but I made sure to note on their exit interview the ones that should definately be hired back next year should they want to come back.

I miss my knitting. I was shopping around Etsy the other day looking at all the knitted clothing that people have for sale. There are some wonderful projects out there. I keep wanting to knit some sweaters for the family and me for winter, but I just can't find the time--not to mention I keep telling myself NO NEW PROJECTS! until the ones that are laying all over the house are done.

I am considering going back to school to finish what I started a couple of years ago. It is the only way I can see to get us out of the mess we are in here. I guess I will go back and read over my blog and remind myself what it was like to go to school to make sure that it is something I really want to do. I am sure that a magic wand would fix things much faster but since mine is missing I will have to do things the long and difficult way instead--oh wait that is how I do everything, I must enjoy it.

My boss is supposed to be here next week for inventory. I am not looking forward to it. Some of the kids that were here last year have been filling my head with horror stories about how terrible he behaves during inventory. I have witnessed him act like a 2-year-old myself. I am trying to convince myself to relax, not stress, and not quit this job before he gets here--I am not very convincing.

Well, I guess I will go home. HoneyBunny is having an especially difficult day today so I told him I would be home early. I hate the motel (living there)! but I have to go home sometime.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back to Normal

I have never been so happy to see a holiday end! I am so glad that the 4th of July is over! I actually had Sunday--all day Sunday--off. I slept in, went to church, and layed around the house the entire day. It's amazing how much better I feel after having a day off. My mood has improved and I feel like I might actually continue to live.

A huge shock came the day after my last post...Well I must digress a little first. We have been gearing up to go to court for HoneyBunny's Worker's Comp case for months now. However, just over a week ago, the paralegal called and said that a document from HB's current treating physician still had not come in and as a result we were dead in the water. We went and saw the doctor, he signed all of the papers and faxed them in while we were there and ordered a bunch of work to have done--a new MRI, x-rays, blood work--which HB and I were completely positive that the WC insurance company would totally deny. After all the last thing they would want going into court is a whole bunch of condemning evidence against them. So we left feeling that we were still in the sinking ship. However, THE NEXT MORNING--I kid you not!--the doctor's office called to let HB know that everything was authorized. It was a good thing HB was laying down or he might have fainted. I know when he called to tell me I couldn't quit laughing histerically. Never, EVER, NEVER!!! in the 5+ years we have been dealing with these people has he received authorization for ANYTHING in less than three months. I mean, even if he was going to be changing medications it was an act of congress to get it paid for. So to have a new MRI, blood work, and x-rays authorized within 24 hours of the request in light of the pending court hearing........Well let's just say that my faith in miracles being a very real possiblity has been strengthened! I still can't believe it!

I am still shaking my head over that one. The court hearing is postphoned indefinately at this point until we can collect all of the new documentation. WC insurance company also let our attorney know that should HB want to settle they would be willing to be more than generous, including all back pay, future medical expenses, all current medical expense needs--surgeries etc--, medications for life EVERYTHING. Tempting! We will have to carefully consider that. There is an awful lot of life left for HB and medical expenses to care for him could be in the hundreds of thousands if not more. So, we'll see. Both of us would like to be free to seek some alternative treatments for him, be free from the insurance companies constant B.S. they insist on putting us all through, and free from all the lawyer crap! Just getting rid of the politics of this whole thing would improve HB's health dramatically.

Anyway, a word to all those on the "ship of broken dreams" we're all in this together! Let's keep our hope alive that someday we will all find a life raft and be able to abandon ship. I know that the HUGE turn of events that have taken place in just the last few days for us has certainly renewed my hope. May each of you receive blessings in your trials that will keep your hope alive also.

In the mean time....Keep Knitting!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Injustice Strikes Again

I would like to think that my family and I are not the only people in the world that receive more than their share of the worlds injustices. Not that I want other people to suffer in constant misery as we do, I just need to know we aren't alone.

Are we?

Monday, June 29, 2009

(SNORT!) Huh! What? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am so tired today! Whatever day "today" is. Working 7 days a week is starting to really take it's toll on me. It could be Saturday and I wouldn't know it. It is difficult to tell what day it is when you do exactly the same thing day in, day out. I do know that I have no motivation this afternoon--it doesn't help that it is about 80 degrees in my office either. If I could find a comfy place to lay my head on my desk I would love to take a nap. Unfortunately, the desk is covered with a computer, printer, signs, pens, papers, pamphlets, etc. I should be creating next weeks schedule but right now my brain can't think that far ahead.

On top of that I am so homesick for Colorado!! I made the serious mistake of going to the city newspaper for the place we moved from and reading all the local news. Then I went and looked through the "Best Photo's of 2008" for the area. Beautiful views of Colorado National Monument, the Uncompaghre plateau, Grand Mesa, the valley.........I just sat here swallowing hard and fighting back the tears.

It is so hard to look back and say, "We REALLY should have thought this decision through better." I had such high hopes that moving here would be good for us and instead I don't think that a worse decision could have been made. HoneyBunny's health problems have increased to the point that I am at a loss as to what to do. So, the main reason for moving here--to get him better--is the most obvious mistake in the decision. I feel like I am living in a nightmare.

Of course the more tired I am the worse EVERYTHING is, the more depressed I get, the more hopeless I feel, the more irritable I am, the more unhappy I am, etc. In fact, I am quickly approaching the "I don't recommend talking to/bothering her" stage.

I talked to my friend in Colorado over the weekend and she thinks that my biggest problem is that I haven't had time to do ANY knitting. She said that once the 4th of July is over and I can quit working 60-70 hour weeks I will be able to do some knitting again. That will help me feel much better.

It does sound like a lovely idea.....that last sock project I started puts me right into heaven. A beautiful shifting shade of green and some absolutely divine needles from Lanturn Moon. There is something really special about those needles! They are the ebony wooden needles. I am not a fan of wooden needles, never have been, because they are so slow and the yarn sticks to them. Not these! They are smooth as glass with amazingly sharp point tips. And the! I don't WANT to knit fast. Knitting with these needles is like eating really good chocolate mousse--you want to eat tiny spoonfuls and smooth it around in your mouth really slow so that you can enjoy every single moment of every single bite. It's a euphoric moment that you don't want to end------ever.

Ok, I realize that sounds incredibly silly, but I am really tired, chocolate mousse sounds really good, and I really miss my knitting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am still alive

This is what happens when you get a full-time "plus" job. I haven't had two seconds to do anything for.......well, since my last post.

A day or two after my last post I got a job offer to be the store manager for a fireworks store. Here in Wyoming fireworks is big business and the stores stay open year round. The store is brand new. The original store burnt to the ground last August. I have heard that it was quite the event. Some kids decided they needed a distraction while they robbed some stores in town. They broke in, poured gasoline up and down the aisles then lit a match. The kid who did that barely made it out before the fumes, fireworks, and gasoline exploded. The building burned for days.

Anyway, so my store is the new one standing on the same foundation as the old one. It's nice, but it has been so crazy putting it together, hiring employees, travelling to Cheyenne for a training seminar, pricing, inventory, etc, etc. I worked for three weeks, 10 and 12 hours days, without a day off. It was exhausting! I am still working about 45 hours a week. However, I found out today that beginning next week I will be back to working 7 days a week until after the fourth of July. Oh goody! (lots of heavy sarcasim inflected here).

Knitting? No knitting, no yarn, NO FUN! All these great new patterns I had just picked up to occupy my hours of babysitting the motel are sitting collecting dust on the shelf. BOO HOO HOO! I keep staring at them, looking through the books over a quick breakfast, and wishing I had more time for them.

How about you, all of my cyber friends? Are you knitting?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

I am capable of self control! After my last post/confessional, I buckled down and told myself, "Self! It is time to get some of these projects completed!" (What really happened was my husband brought home several new knitting magazines and books for me from Washington with some GREAT projects in them that I can't wait to start, but know I won't let myself start until some of the WIP disaster is cleaned up).

So, I managed to finish this plain pair of socks that have been kicking around for a month or so. They aren't anything fancy, but HEY! they are done! and checked off my list.Next was my Sockamania sock project for April. They are fancy and I love them! So will my BFF. They are for her birthday--in December. Checked off!
Next, and I just finished this today, is THE scarlet, silk scarf. I L-O-V-E it! And it's mine mine mine! I will post the pattern for it later this week on here so you can make one for YOU!
Here it is on me, and a nice close-up of the lace detail. The yarn is so wonderful and soft! I do believe that this yarn is the nicest silk yarn I have ever found. Gorgeous color and top quality!
And finally, I finished these earlier this month but haven't posted the picture of them yet. They were supposed to be the February Sockamania sock project, but with all of my other projects it took me until this month to finish them.
See! I can be dedicated. I am not just a "Starter", I am also a "Finisher"! Now, I am off to go finish another pair of socks that have been "almost finished" for a month or so. Nothing new can be started yet! I have that pair to finish, a tall pair of men's socks to finish, a "thigh-high" pair I started in December to finish, the Sockamania March pair to finish, this really cute "Christmas-ie" pair to finish, the "Tiger's Eye" scarf to finish, etc., etc., etc................................Oh man! I may never get to start anything new at this rate!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday's Reflection

I am sure that I am not the only Knitter out there who has done this.

The kido's left for school this morning and as I walked back into the house I looked around and noticed that every surface of my living room had at least one partially knit project lying on it. I recall working on three different projects yesterday afternoon and evening--which were all laying across the couch, four projects and all of their patterns completely cover the end table, three projects in two bags in front of the couch, four more projects stuck between the couch and the end table--not counting the two spinning projects also stuck there, three more projects protruding from the decorative "pickling crock" in the corner, etc. etc. etc.

Well, imagine how embarrassed I was to suddenly realize that I have been on a "new project" bender for the last few weeks. I began to organize some of the mess and uncovered several other UFO's dating all the way back to last summer before we moved. Oh the shame! I don't know how this could have happened. I am usually pretty good at keeping my WIP's to a minimum and only one or two UFO's.

I think I know how I got all of my current WIP's--it was that clandestine trip to one of THE nicest yarn shops I have ever been to in my life (and it's right over the mountain from me!!). They have the most amazing selection of the finest yarns produced today. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! So of course I bought yarn!!! I promised myself I would not start any projects with it though until my current projects were completely finished. But that naughty, scarlet colored 100% silk that is so soft and divine kept whispering to me all night long. (Yes, I have my "special" yarn stash located in my bedroom) We are talking about a yarn that is so wonderful you want it to be with you even when you go to the post office, you dream about it at night, and check on it (touch and pet it) everytime you walk through the room. I couldn't help myself--apparently!--I had to cast on that "Lacey Hearts" scarf. It is THE perfect yarn for the project.

Just as soon as I got about 1/4th of the way through it the other fingering weight silk blend yarn began to seduce me. "You still haven't found the perfect pattern for me yet. You know how I look like tigers eye when the suns rays shine down on me. Don't you love me? Don't you want to touch me? You took out that little scarlet number right away, now what about me?" The next thing I knew a "Tigers Eye" lace scarf pattern was laying on my printer and the yarn was wound into a center pull ball and 30 stitches were cast on. Sooooo lovely to look at, so soft to touch! Can't wait to wear it!!!!!

Drunken with silk fumes, I found myself casting on for two more pairs (in addition to the four pairs that I have been working on) of socks--one with some GORGEOUS yarn from Lornas Laces (and who can resist her yarn?!!!) and the other with a beautiful charcoal yarn (because Father's Day is just around the corner).

With all of this going on, I got a yarn order in for a customer on Saturday that contained an extra "sample" yarn--Oooooo pretty........................soft..................................fluffy alpaca!!! Then an order of some close out yarns (I got 440 yards of sock yarn for $3.25!!!!!!!!) showed up today. Realizing that I have a friends birthday coming up next week I started looking through a summer lace issue of some knitting magazine I picked up somewhere while still under the influence of those silk fumes. Then it all hit me. WHAT AM I DOING!!! Am I really considering casting on ANOTHER project--a lace project that I am thinking I will have done in a week!!!!!

I went outside for a breath of fresh air, at this point, to hopefully clear my head a little. Now that I am feeling better I am going to attempt to resist the temptation to knit something for my friend and just send a card and flowers. Then turn my attention to organizing this disaster.


PS: If you have found yourself in a similar predicament stay away from Ravely!!! I get in trouble everytime I sign in! I find some GREAT pattern and the next thing I know I have cast on for it!!!!

PSS: I will post WIP and hopefully FO pictures next time--HoneyBunny took the camera with him on his trip.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prom 2009

The Daughter's first prom! Isn't she lovely.

It's all about the dress, the shoes, and the hairstyle:

Her and her boyfriend (they were both so nervous they about couldn't put the flowers on each other):

And away they went in his black carriage pulled by 260+ horses for a magical evening.............................................

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knittin' Myself Silly

I really hope that I am not the only Knitter out there that worries about this...............

Each time we go anywhere in the car I take my knitting. Occasionally we go somewhere that my knitting needs to stay behind in the car. For some reason I hide my knitting in the car or in the trunk. Why? Well, I don't want it to get stolen. No matter how much HoneyBunny assures me that no one is going to break into our vehicle to steal my knitting I still worry. He has assured me that if they were to steal anything it would be our stereo system, items from our emergency bag, etc. "Ya but what if they really like the yarn? You know how nice this yarn is!" His reply, "Trust me, no one is going to steal it." How does he know? There could be some homeless or desperate yarnaholic out there somewhere just looking for their next fix. I am glad he is so understanding and patient with me because my daughter thinks I am nuts!

So I have to know, do you hide your yarn or knitting in fear that it might get stolen out of your car or house? I can't be the only one that would be relieved to find that the burglers only took the television and stereo but didn't touch my yarn stash.

Ok, with that said, now for my latest knitting adventures.......and I must say that living in "Crazy Town USA" promotes A LOT of knitting!

I knit all of that in the last week and a half. I am not joking! All of them are my own designs. I especially like the dishcloths!! and that last brown sock with the tan details! No, the family is walking around in clean clothes and have eaten at least two meals a day. I don't know how I did it. I didn't knit Saturday because The Daughter and I went to Salt Lake to go look at prom dresses and yarn stores. I didn't knit Sunday because I thought my hands probably could use a break. Somehow I managed to knit all of that in that short amount of time. It was fun!!!!

And yes, I am sure I have just about knit myself silly at this point. Oh, well. At least I am enjoying my days a little more.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Anytime.........I just keep telling myself that things are going to get better and things are going to start going good anytime.

I am having a really difficult day. It actually started Sunday at church--kind of an odd place for a bad day to start I know. I hate it when I am faced with the reality that some people are loved and special and I am not (or so the people around you act). I have been brooding over this fact for a couple of days. Then my son decided to try to go to boy scouts here again. It was just as bad as it was a month ago--the last time he went and swore he would never go again. THAT WAS IT!! I had taken all I was going to take from this town of mentally incompetent, male chauvinist pigs!! and empty headed, brow beaten, ignorant women. I marched down to the church and the scout leader and I had a talk. Well, actually, I was talking mostly to the brick wall, because he obviously was not listening, and he was talking to a woman (who has 100 times the IQ he is used to addressing) as if she was one of the stupid women he is used to dealing with. He is so lucky I grew out of my habit of kicking/punching boys who think they are better than girls simply because their dad said so! After several attempts to get Neanderthal Man to understand the point of the conversation I gathered my children and walked out, without saying good-bye or anything. I hope he gets abducted by a legion of Amazons and has to spend the rest of his days as a lowly servant to them!!!

So, now what? Do I just never go to church again? There is no way I am going to get my son to go. The men who are the scout leaders are also the boys youth group leaders--one of which thinks that it is his job "to turn these boys into men". OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL THAT MAN TURN MY SON INTO SOMEONE LIKE HIM!!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE!!

I think I will pack up and go back to Earth where the real people live, or at least the morons are still out-numbered enough that you don't notice them as much.

As if all of this isn't enough, HoneyBunny was told, again, Monday that his back is not repairable. In other words he has a "failed back". He keeps falling down because he will suddenly not have any feeling in his legs. He has fallen twice here at the motel in the hallway and once at Walmart in just the last three weeks. Aside from being scary, it is terribly demeaning and embarrassing for him. Each time he hurts himself also, either his ankle or his knee. Today he fell again and rug burned his arm really bad. I don't know what to do. It's awful. Maybe if we had a boat-load of money the doctors would be more motivated to help him. Moving here to the armpit of America was not a good idea--no doctors, no specialists, etc. that's for sure!

I just want to go home. Can I?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Look! More Pretties!

I spent an entire day last week playing with my yarn and dye. I just finished getting them all listed in my etsy store. I thought they were so pretty I would share them with you! If you see something you really like, rush over to my etsy store and get the skein for yourself. A lot of my hand dyed yarns are a "One of a Kind" so you won't find another just like it anywhere. I love to play with the colors so none of them are the "true" colors that I started with.

Superwash sock yarn in "Navajo" and "Flowers in the Forest".

Merino and Alpaca blend fingering weight yarn in "Girly Girl" and "Sunny Skies". This yarn would be PERFECT for all of those scandinavian mittens. I have skeins in "Natural" that you could combine with these colorful ones. It would be gorgeous!

These are the first skeins of Laceweight that I have added to my store. "Aztec Gold" and "Glacier". Great colors don't you think!?
I had a huge mess when I got done. HoneyBunny took one look around and he's like, "Havin' a good time? Will we get to eat dinner tonight?"
I ordered pizza.