Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Must Be the Season

Well, it's official.  I have completely lost my mind.  (No it has nothing to do with knitting this time--well, maybe some of it.)  I just agreed to move AGAIN next month.  It really isn't too surprising.  After all, growing up I moved like this all the time.  We would live in a house a couple of months then move or buy a house.  Live in that place a year and then move again.  In total, growing up, I moved 20 or 25 times by the time I was 17 years old.

Why would I even consider moving again with all of HB's back problems leaving him completely unable to help me and two teenagers with all of the packing, cleaning and then unpacking?  Why would I put myself through all of that exhausting work AGAIN when we just barely finished moving into the place we are right now?  WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I THINKING?  AM I COMPLETELY NUTS!!!!? 

Well, let me tell you a little about WHERE we are moving.  It is a three story victorian mansion with 8, yes that would be EIGHT, bedrooms, a dining room the size of my entire downstairs area where we live right now, a parlor that will make the most amazing yarn/jewelry shop in the world, all hard wood flooring, 15 foot ceilings in the kitchen and dining room, beautiful antique chandeliers, an amazing entry way that features a winding solid oak stair case with original banistering, so much storage space that ALL of our current belongings could be put into there--we are talking about furnishings and decor to completely fill a 1200sq ft home and two work shops, a library.....need I say more?  I am sure you get the picture.  Not only that, but a sweet little old grandmotherly lady owns it and is renting it for about the same as what we are paying for the sardine can we live in right now.  When she told me how much rent was, I dropped my phone.  She has had workmen fixing and replacing pipes, windows, etc. to make the home cozy and not drafty and more energy efficient.  As far as the store that we can put in the parlor, the place is zoned for residential and commercial AND it is located right in downtown on the main road.  We are talking about places that everybody in town will drive by or visit DAILY.  Even tourists will be able to easily find it because it is one the main road through town.  AND the nearest yarn shop (competition) is 85 miles away!  I can hardly contain myself!!

The lady that owns it mentioned she would love to see us buy it someday and she would be happy to carry the loan herself.  WOW!  I am sure there is a down side to this somewhere.  We have been looking at the place and mulling it over for about a week now.  Mostly trying to find a downside to the idea, besides the "moving again" part.  I spoke to her this morning and let her know we would take it.  So, I guess it's official. 

It's going to take me six months to decorate the place!  At least there is no lack of space, or wondering where in the world I am going to put all of my paintings.  AND a store....where my yarn can all be out.....where I can see it.....(sigh)......and my spinning wheels can have all the room they want..........and won't it be a sight to drive by and see me sitting out on that victorian front porch, in the summer time, spinning.  WOW.

I'll let you know when I find the downside.


Awesome Mom said...

Sweet!!!! I really hope that there is no downside to this! I think it would be my dream to live in a yarn store.

Anni said...

Wow. I'm so jealous. Sounds like a fantastic house. And a yarn shop in the front, that's my dream come true. You're so lucky... even with the boiler dilemma.

Hege said...

wow! Thst sounds like a perfect house. I could really need a 8 bedroom house too ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas!!