Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life Happens

Well, just because I haven't posted anything in two years does not meant that I haven't been around.  I have even come by my blog a couple of time to see what I last posted.  Unfortunately for the blog-a-sphere I waste all my time on Facebook these days.  I hate that I do it, but it's so addictive to see what everyone is up to.  Not that I'm nosy I just like to see what other people think, like, want, or do everyday....which makes me sound like I have no life LOL!

The past two years have been crazy, of course.  How could my life be anything else?  I got re-married--something that I think I forgot to mention back in 2012.  Insanely happy still.  I must admit being with someone you are insanely happy with makes all the crazy stuff in life much easier to handle.

We temporarily moved to another state for work.  Which took place right after my last blog entry. We spent a year working there and then suddenly out of the blue a job landed in my husbands lap at home and we were able to come back last January.  We have been so happy to be home.  I LOVED my job in the other state and wish I could do it here, but no luck.  I was working as a biology field technician for an environmental consulting firm--sounds pretty fancy huh!  What I really did was get paid to hike about 10 miles a day in the mountain desert and look for plants, cactus (the one I have the picture of above), and birds.  I had no idea you could paid to go hiking.  BEST JOB EVER!

So here we are back at home in Wyoming.  I managed to get a temporary job where my husband is working.  I'm doing graveyard security for their construction site....yep I'm bored and it's the middle of the night LOL.  I've always been a morning person so I thought I would never be able to do a job like this, but you know I've done fine switching my days and nights around.  It's just so weird to be up and going when everyone else is fast asleep.  The job will only last a few more weeks and then I will be back to trying to sell my hand crafts.  If I could make money at that THAT would be the best job ever!  But after having three different etsy stores over the past eight years, I've about decided my stuff SUCKS! I've seen people sell ten times more stuff than I do and they have essentially the same product.  They obviously know something I don't.

Anyway, I've been knitting, of course.  I'm getting ready to start another sweater for my husband.  He had seen this online and asked if I thought I could make it LOL.  After those Aran sweaters I can make any sweater.
It's a really easy style!  I am going to try to have it done for him for Christmas.  My son is terribly jealous!  He really wants a sweater also, but until he demonstrates a talent for taking care of his clothing there will be no handknit sweaters for him!  

I have three grandchildren now! Talk about crazy!  I'm quite certain I am not "grandmotherly".  Ok, ok so I knit, bake cookies like they are going out of style, and like the museum better than the mall, but still.....DO I LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA?
Ya, I don't think so!  However, they are the cutest babies on the planet!  And I must admit that grandchildren are WAY better than children :)

These two cuties are The Daughters.  Her little boy is going to be two pretty soon and the adorable little girl was born this past Spring.  Wish she was closer so I could kiss and squeeze them :)

Then there is my oldest son's little boy that was born last winter:

I get to see him quite often.  He is so precious and he just LOVES me!  I get the cutest smiles and he even talked to me on the phone today--while he was eating the phone of course.  It would be wonderful if they were all living here in the same town with us, but they don't so I just have to wait for visits.

The Son, the one that thinks he needs a hand knit sweater, is all grown up--sort of.  He is getting his apprenticeship as a plumber/pipe fitter.  He really likes it and has a good job.  He still lives here so I get to see him :)  Thank goodness he isn't joining the "make mom a grandma" mission his siblings are on.  We love having him around...well except that since we've been back every time I turn around something "plumbing" is going wrong with the house.  At least we have him to come fix it!

OK! That wraps it all up. Now you know what I've been up to. And I got to show off my cute little grandkids :)