Friday, December 30, 2011

Yes, It Can Be Done

I did it!  I knit both of these sweaters in less than two months.  They turned out so nice!  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Late Is "Too Late"?

So the day before yesterday I came across some lovely aran sweater patterns and decided that I should make a couple for Christmas gifts.....I am aware that it is the end of October and that Christmas is less than two months away.

(Great looking sweaters huh?)
Not too mention, but you all know what a flakey knitter I am.  Even as I had the thought of making these sweaters I cast on for a gorgeous pair of socks with US size 0 needles--lol.  And then decided I had an AWESOME idea for this scarf...all silk :)  I knit it straight through til it was done and it's gorgeous!

Do you suppose I can focus on just these two sweaters?  I am hoping that by making two at the same time, when I get bored with the one that I will turn to the other and not turn to starting another project.  I figure the two sweaters are different enough that they will keep my interest also.  And it's not like I'm knitting sweaters with fingering weight yarn.  The one sweater is with heavy worsted/bulky-ish yarn and the other is with worsted.  So they so work up pretty fast?  Maybe?

Here's hoping :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

And Now My Gobi Desert Yarn Creation

You saw the yarn....and here are the socks.  Or at least the first pair.  They knit up really quick and they were a lot of fun to make.  Real simple and very warm.  I actually have enough yarn to mix and match around to make another pair of socks and perhaps a nice warm hat also.  It's great!

Thought I would include my pattern for these "House Booties" as a free pattern.  So if you would like to make a pair also, here you go:

Gobi Desert House Booties
Size: Woman’s Average to Large
Gauge: 22 sts = 4 inches
Needles: One set of five size 3.25 mm/US size 3 dpns
Yarn Description: Handspun Camel Hair yarn from 3 skeins, 1 in natural, 1 in tan, 1 in black. (this is enough yarn to make at least two pair)
CO 48 sts. Divide sts evenly onto 4 needles, join careful not to twist work. Work 1 x 1 ribbing for 4 rounds.
Work graph through round 10. Work 7 rounds even in stst. End ready to work short-row heel.
Short-Row Heel:
Using tan yarn begin working short-row heel.
Row 1:  (WS) Sl1, p22, w&t last st.
Row 2:  (RS) Sl wrapped st, k22, w&t last st.
Row 3:  Sl wrapped st, p21, w&t next st.
Row 4:  Sl wrapped st, k20, w&t next st.
Row 5:  Sl wrapped st, p19, w&t next st.
Row 6:  Sl wrapped st, k18, w&t next st.
Repeat in this manner, working one less stitch per row, until 4 sts in the middle and 10 wrapped sts on each side.
Row 1:  Sl1, k3, k st & wrap together, turn
Row 2:  Sl1, p4, p st & wrap together, turn.
Row 3:  Sl1, k5, k st & wrap together, turn.
Row 4:  Sl1, p6, p st & wrap together, turn.
Continue in this manner, working one more st and wrap per row, until all wrapped sts have been worked.  End on a RS row.  Cut tan yarn and resume using natural color.
Working in stst, k even until foot measures 2" (about 5 cm) less than total desired foot length. Change to tan yarn and work toe decreases.
K one round even.
Rnd 1: K to last 3 sts of needle 1. K2tog, k1. Needle 2--k1, ssk, k remaining sts. Needle 3--k to last three sts, k2tog, k1. Needle 4--k1, ssk, k remaining sts.
Rnd 2: K all sts even.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 16 sts remain. Graft remaining sts together.
Finishing:  Weave in ends.  Work second sock.

CO: Cast on
1 x 1 Ribbing: knit one stitch, purl one stitch. Repeated for all sts around.
Stst: Stocking stitch--knit all sts around.
Sl: slip stitch as if to purl
K2tog: knit the next 2 sts together.
Ssk: Slip next st, slip second st, then knit the two slipped sts together.
W&t: wrap and turn. With yarn in front, slip next st as if to purl, wrap yarn around slipped st to the back of work, slip wrapped st back to left hand needle, turn work around to begin next row.
Copyright – Tama Vaughn, October 2011
Please do not distribute this pattern or sell any items
made from it without my prior permission.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Look What I Found!

The day the new Interweave Knits "Knitting Traditions" Fall 2011 came available, Interweave sent me a notice.  They are well aware that I will spend my last penny to purchase these magazines.  I spent two hours just "thumbing" through the digital edition--ya I couldn't wait for it to come in the mail, takes too long.  On page 78 were these rustic, nothing fancy, but certainly functional looking socks called "Gobi Desert Socks".  They looked all fluffy and warm--and you know how I feel about all things "fluffy".  Made from handspun camel wool spun by nomadic herding women and their families of Mongolia.  I found myself rushing off to find the Snow Leopard Trust that sells this luscious stuff and uses the proceeds to benefit snow leopard conservation and supports these people.

And look what they did!! They sent my order right out! Seriously, from magazine view to my mailbox took only 4 days and that included the weekend!!  The yarn is now safely nestled all snuggly in my lap where I can pet it often.  Don't know if I'll ever find something worthy to knit out of it lol.  It's amazing, lovely, and all for a good cause. 

I recommend it if you like rustic, handspun, soft yarn.
Ya, I feel spoiled right now :o)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tribute to Barb

I hope she doesn't cyber friend Barb is awesome!  She and I have been taking care of a couple of knitting blogs the past few years and I feel like I have got to know her a little bit.  Even though I have never seen her face I really like her.

Barb lives somewhere on the east coast.  She was affected by the hurricane that hit there just a while back.  Just as the power got turned on and she was headed back to work she got really sick.  I was concerned and had emailed her that I hoped she would  be well soon.  Her response was that she was starting to feel better then she said, "I can still knit though and that is all that counts."  I teared up.  Ya, I know, silly.  But really sometimes you need something to get you through all the hard times. 

Everybody has their "security blankets" their "means of escape".  Some turn to substance abuse, some get depressed and hide, some become work-a-holics, some just give up.  But Knitter's....we knit.  We get out the yarn, sometimes we get a pattern, and we grab our needles and we "escape" by turning to something familiar, something comforting, something soft :) and pleasant.  For me I almost always am knitting for someone else.  I get caught up in thoughts and memories of them.  Times shared together and hopefully future times together.  I think about them wearing what I am making and how it will look.  I loose myself completely.  Soon I've forgotten all the sadness, the problems,  the difficulties, etc.  I make positive thoughts my focus, twisting and looping and combining my thoughts of happiness and good times with every stitch.  It is such a healing process.

So Barb, here's to you :)  I agree.  With all that I have been through in the past couple years, I am "starting to feel better" also.  Thank goodness "I can still knit though"  and to me "that is all that counts". 

Happy Knitting

Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Adventures

So, Monday I went to work.  Things were progressing as usual with my boss attempting once again to be as abusive and rude as possible.  I got back from lunch and discovered I had been "terminated".  Interesting.  I have come to the conclusion, as I have pondered the entire situation, that my boss has been unrealistically difficult to work for since I let his "little buddy" go this past winter--actually in February.  He is difficult to work for normally but it has been TERRIBLE since February.  I began thinking along those lines because not more than an hour after I was escorted out his "little buddy" was back......and in my position.

As a result of being suddenly unemployed I find myself under alot less stress, if you can believe it, than I was while I was working for "The Tyrant".  There are several options available that have been lurking in the background of my life since last year and I can't really decide which way to go. School? Self employment? Moving back to Colorado?

The past year has been insane between Sean and I separating, work, moving, buying a house, Sean dieing, The Daughter deciding she needed to get married at 17, PB moving back in with all of his prejudices firmly in place that his dad put there, etc.  Now my job of just over two years that I thought was secure and what I would be doing for a good long time is gone.

I could go back to school and finish.  That would, for the most part require moving.  Not really in the mood to move since I've decided I like it here--all the snow and wildlife and outdoor stuff to do.  I have a couple of online businesses. None of which are doing real great--unfortunately.  I could alway get another job, but quite frankly I'm really tired of working really hard so someone else can make the big bucks. 

What I've kind of decided is that I'm going to apply for unemployment right now and see what happens next.  I believe there has to be a reason for me leaving Pyro City.  Something else needs done.  I don't know what it is so until it reveals itself I think I will just "drift" along looking for it.  Really don't know what else to do.  I have a million projects, knitting, home, etc that all need my attention so in the mean time I will pursue those and try to get ahead.

What a year! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011


It started last night.  The heavy white clouds full of snow just waiting to fall rolled in early in the evening.  By the time I went to pick up PB from the dance it was snowing huge fluffy white flakes.  This morning dawned with bright, beautiful sunshine and cowboy blue skies. 

No denying the fact, I love snow!  Especially newly fallen snow.  Everything is covered in a beautiful white fluffy blanket this morning.  We got about six inches of new snow.  I love how the sun reflects off of the snow flakes and makes everything look like it's covered in rainbow glitter. 

I feel sad when I hear people say that they hate the snow.  The snow is such an important element of weather.  Without it there would be ALOT less water to drink, water lawns with, wash cars with, etc in the summer.  What happens as we grow up?  We all loved the snow as children.  I don't think I have ever heard a child remark, after looking out the window and seeing a world of white, "Snow!  I hate snow!  What did it have to snow for?"  No, they are excited and eager to run out and make snowmen and snow angels, sled, skate, have snowball fights, jump around and throw the snow into the air......

We all loved it then.  I still do.  Yes, I get up and shovel out my sidewalk just like everyone else.  At work I have three parking lots that have to have all the snow removed from everytime it snows.  My truck slips and slides as I drive through town just like everyone else's.  I have to bundle up in warm socks--handknit of course--coats, hats, gloves, and boots.  But I love the snow.  I love the rain, I love thunder storms, I love the warm spring sunshine, I love all the seasons and the weather that goes with them.  The only thing I do not like is wind, but it serves its purpose.

Maybe the reason I like snow and cold and it doesn't bother me is because I knit :)  It is so much fun to see if I can create the ultimate snow gear.  Whether its hats, socks, sweaters, scarves, or mittens  I want to see just how comfortable I can stay with all my own snow wear in the coldest of snowy conditions.  Way more fun than trying to stay cool during hot summers!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Lost, But Not Gone

I've tried to blog several times over the past few months, but nothing would come out.  Things are moving along.  I've started some other hobbies/business in an effort to get some money coming in.  HB left us with nothing.  I do get some social security money to help me take care of the kids, but that's it.  Definately not easy.

I finally got moved into a new house.  I love it.  There is a very peaceful feeling in the house that makes living there very nice.  I haven't had much time to unpack though.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and just have everything put itself away lol.  Between working full time at the fireworks store and my new ventures I don't have much free time....actually I have no free time.  I think I am trying to bury myself in projects so there is no down time.  Down time means time to think about things and I don't want to.

My oldest son just turned 22 years old.  (Can't believe it!!!! There's no way I am old enough to have a child that age.  After all I am only 29 lol, pretty sure)  We went to Colorado to celebrate with him.  We took Sunday to go up to Ouray Colorado to play in the hot springs.  I forget that Ouray is the most beautiful place in the world.  Since most of the world has never been there I thought I would post a few pictures.

This is Box Canyon Falls Ice Park.  Notice the tiny person on the lower right :)

This is looking North West from Box Canyon.

More ice climbers and the mountains to the South West.

I love Ouray.  It is absolutely breath taking.  We spent the whole day there--most of it soaking in the hot springs.  I miss living in Colorado so close to Ouray.

So, if you are curious as to what my new ventures are check out The Hemp Hippie and A Cozy Corner.  I am working away at filling the two stores with stuff so keep checking back to see the new stuff.  I am really having fun with the new ideas and products.  I hope they take off--mostly because I need the money lol, but also because I am enjoying making all this new stuff :)

I will try to get back to blogging again.  One step at a time.