Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tribute to Barb

I hope she doesn't cyber friend Barb is awesome!  She and I have been taking care of a couple of knitting blogs the past few years and I feel like I have got to know her a little bit.  Even though I have never seen her face I really like her.

Barb lives somewhere on the east coast.  She was affected by the hurricane that hit there just a while back.  Just as the power got turned on and she was headed back to work she got really sick.  I was concerned and had emailed her that I hoped she would  be well soon.  Her response was that she was starting to feel better then she said, "I can still knit though and that is all that counts."  I teared up.  Ya, I know, silly.  But really sometimes you need something to get you through all the hard times. 

Everybody has their "security blankets" their "means of escape".  Some turn to substance abuse, some get depressed and hide, some become work-a-holics, some just give up.  But Knitter's....we knit.  We get out the yarn, sometimes we get a pattern, and we grab our needles and we "escape" by turning to something familiar, something comforting, something soft :) and pleasant.  For me I almost always am knitting for someone else.  I get caught up in thoughts and memories of them.  Times shared together and hopefully future times together.  I think about them wearing what I am making and how it will look.  I loose myself completely.  Soon I've forgotten all the sadness, the problems,  the difficulties, etc.  I make positive thoughts my focus, twisting and looping and combining my thoughts of happiness and good times with every stitch.  It is such a healing process.

So Barb, here's to you :)  I agree.  With all that I have been through in the past couple years, I am "starting to feel better" also.  Thank goodness "I can still knit though"  and to me "that is all that counts". 

Happy Knitting

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