Saturday, July 25, 2009

As the World Twists and Turns

Once upon a time I wrote about knitting and yarn and the latest Yarn Harlot book. Now it seems like this blog has become my frustration outlet. I do apologize for that.

I was filling out a "Returning Student" admission form for college yesterday and had to go back through my blog to see what year it was when I last attended school. As I searched the entries I read a few, of course. I have lost myself somewhere in this whole twisted mess of insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, moving, jobs, etc. It is interesting how we can become so different in such a short amount of time. For example, I swear a lot more than I ever have--a definate sign of deep frustration for me. My temper is as short-fused as it was when I was a teenager--something that I have desperately worked on to control for years.

Some how HB and I have got to get this whole mess ironed out. It is really beginning to wear me out.

We made the decision, well the deciding part we already did like 9 months ago, to move back to Colorado. We have just had it. I don't know if it is the motel atmosphere that has ruined our entire Wyoming experience or if it's "just Wyoming". Either way, we can't leave here soon enough for me. I plan to go back to college and finish my degree while HB works on putting his life back together and getting some health care for a change. We already found a house and are just waiting to hear back from the owner. If everything falls into place, we will be "home" in three to four weeks. I guess we'll just go back to where we were two and a half years ago and start over.

Nothing new on the knitting front. I did finish my Lazy Leaves socks for Sockamania, swing by there and check them out. They are the ones that I was enjoying knitting so much with the wooden needles. I was almost sad to be done with them. I enjoyed each and every stich! Don't know who they will be for, but they joined the other dozen pairs that I have made and not given away. Maybe everyone in the family will get socks for Christmas this year. I don't know how some of them will feel about that, but at the rate money is going and with me attending school again they will be lucky to get anything at all.

I will try to stop posting all of my drama and go back to fun stuff. I just need to eliminate some of the drama and start DOING some of the fun stuff again!

Keep knitting!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am sitting here at work, bored for a change. The store is cleaned up and the empty spaces are slowly refilling. I had to let all of our seasonal help go--something I have been dreading since I hired them all on. I had the best crew ever! It was very difficult to decide who to keep and who to let go. There were a few who made it easier by volunteering to go first, but others it was not so easy and I would have liked to keep them all. I won't be here next year, but I made sure to note on their exit interview the ones that should definately be hired back next year should they want to come back.

I miss my knitting. I was shopping around Etsy the other day looking at all the knitted clothing that people have for sale. There are some wonderful projects out there. I keep wanting to knit some sweaters for the family and me for winter, but I just can't find the time--not to mention I keep telling myself NO NEW PROJECTS! until the ones that are laying all over the house are done.

I am considering going back to school to finish what I started a couple of years ago. It is the only way I can see to get us out of the mess we are in here. I guess I will go back and read over my blog and remind myself what it was like to go to school to make sure that it is something I really want to do. I am sure that a magic wand would fix things much faster but since mine is missing I will have to do things the long and difficult way instead--oh wait that is how I do everything, I must enjoy it.

My boss is supposed to be here next week for inventory. I am not looking forward to it. Some of the kids that were here last year have been filling my head with horror stories about how terrible he behaves during inventory. I have witnessed him act like a 2-year-old myself. I am trying to convince myself to relax, not stress, and not quit this job before he gets here--I am not very convincing.

Well, I guess I will go home. HoneyBunny is having an especially difficult day today so I told him I would be home early. I hate the motel (living there)! but I have to go home sometime.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back to Normal

I have never been so happy to see a holiday end! I am so glad that the 4th of July is over! I actually had Sunday--all day Sunday--off. I slept in, went to church, and layed around the house the entire day. It's amazing how much better I feel after having a day off. My mood has improved and I feel like I might actually continue to live.

A huge shock came the day after my last post...Well I must digress a little first. We have been gearing up to go to court for HoneyBunny's Worker's Comp case for months now. However, just over a week ago, the paralegal called and said that a document from HB's current treating physician still had not come in and as a result we were dead in the water. We went and saw the doctor, he signed all of the papers and faxed them in while we were there and ordered a bunch of work to have done--a new MRI, x-rays, blood work--which HB and I were completely positive that the WC insurance company would totally deny. After all the last thing they would want going into court is a whole bunch of condemning evidence against them. So we left feeling that we were still in the sinking ship. However, THE NEXT MORNING--I kid you not!--the doctor's office called to let HB know that everything was authorized. It was a good thing HB was laying down or he might have fainted. I know when he called to tell me I couldn't quit laughing histerically. Never, EVER, NEVER!!! in the 5+ years we have been dealing with these people has he received authorization for ANYTHING in less than three months. I mean, even if he was going to be changing medications it was an act of congress to get it paid for. So to have a new MRI, blood work, and x-rays authorized within 24 hours of the request in light of the pending court hearing........Well let's just say that my faith in miracles being a very real possiblity has been strengthened! I still can't believe it!

I am still shaking my head over that one. The court hearing is postphoned indefinately at this point until we can collect all of the new documentation. WC insurance company also let our attorney know that should HB want to settle they would be willing to be more than generous, including all back pay, future medical expenses, all current medical expense needs--surgeries etc--, medications for life EVERYTHING. Tempting! We will have to carefully consider that. There is an awful lot of life left for HB and medical expenses to care for him could be in the hundreds of thousands if not more. So, we'll see. Both of us would like to be free to seek some alternative treatments for him, be free from the insurance companies constant B.S. they insist on putting us all through, and free from all the lawyer crap! Just getting rid of the politics of this whole thing would improve HB's health dramatically.

Anyway, a word to all those on the "ship of broken dreams" we're all in this together! Let's keep our hope alive that someday we will all find a life raft and be able to abandon ship. I know that the HUGE turn of events that have taken place in just the last few days for us has certainly renewed my hope. May each of you receive blessings in your trials that will keep your hope alive also.

In the mean time....Keep Knitting!!