Wednesday, December 27, 2006

With Christmas and Fall semester out of the way I guess I will write a little something. It seems that since the last time I wrote that life has been out of control and so hectic. With homework, getting through the holiday's and then finals there has been no time for anything else (well except for knitting of course!!!!). I hope that everyone has had a nice holiday season.

We went ice-fishing for the first time in a couple of years last weekend. It was nice.
Nice and cold! We got up there a little late in the day. Notice my handspun, handknit hat and neck warmer. Invaluable ice-fishing accessories!!!!

We did catch a fish though. As my husband says, "At least I didn't get skunked!"

I have discovered in my many years of knitting and wearing handknits that you just can't beat them. Yes, you can buy knit hats, sweaters, mittens, socks, etc. from the store made from wool, alpaca, silk, angora, etc. but they are NEVER as warm, comfortable, or nice as my handknits. I made a wonderful pair of glittens (mittens that have a top portion that can be folded back to reveal a fingerless glove underneath) several years ago from some handspun english angora yarn. These marvels are windproof and water resistant. A warmer item to wear on your hands does not exist! No wonder angora rabbits can withstand temperatures of 5 below zero as long as their ears are protected. You know, I think that more of these mountaineers that go exploring glaciers etc. in freezing temperatures should find themselves outfitted with angora long john underwear, angora mitten, angora hats, etc. NOT the whimpy store-bought stuff either!! I'm talking the ultra-fine, ultra-dense, ultra-warm handspun english or german angora items. I keep threatening to make a pair of socks, for myself of course, out of some of my bunny fiber and just give them a test drive like ice-fishing or some other winter sport that requires you to just sit for hours in the snow and ice with a light, crisp, winter breeze blowing across a completely unprotected surface (like a frozen lake). Like this one!

I think I will conduct my own research project on this subject and publish the results right here on my blog. What do you think? Sounds like a fun thing to do until I go back to class in January. I will let you know the results.

Until then Happy Knitting!!!!

The Twisted Hare!