Friday, January 12, 2007

Well, classes will be starting soon. I have managed to make two sweaters, four pairs of socks, and two wash cloths since classes ended in December. It has been so much fun not going to school. I think that is the hardest part of returning to college when you are more than double the age of the rest of the students. You've been out of school so long and had your own time to do your own thing (that is if you have been fortunate enough to be home or work from home) that having to adhere to a school schedule and atmosphere is very difficult!!! I like to play mommy and knitting addict. Unfortunately, I haven't got the housework type stuff done that I had planned on accomplishing over the break. Well, it takes time to make a sweater you know!!

In addition to knitting I have been spending way too much time arranging and putting the years pictures onto discs. It has been a fairly large project since there were upwards of 500 or more pictures and videos. But I think I see the end of the tunnel finally. It has been fun to go through the images and remember all the fun stuff we did over the summer!!! We had a great time with all the fishing (or in my case--knitting), 4-wheeling, swimming (or in my case--knitting), hiking, mushroom hunting, etc., etc., etc. I am really looking forward to May no doubt about it!!!! No school and all the free time I can handle for three months!!!!!

My husband said a very funny thing to me yesterday morning. He asked me if it was my mission in life to leave behind as many knitted items as possible before I die. (How did he know?!) I must admitt I have made a large number of knitted items in the past 15 years since we got married. I lost count of the number of sock pairs I have knitted at 350. After that many who cares anymore how many you have made! What a thought though! In a small way I am immortallizing myself by creating all this.

Ok, for those of you who are interested I will be selling some of The Twisted Hare's yarn on E-bay starting next week. The yarn is very high quality and comes with a satifaction guarantee. I have knit many items with these yarns and they are fantastic!!!!! So, check it out. It will be under the yarn search area and will be sold by tama529.

Happy Knitting!!!!