Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Adventures

So, Monday I went to work.  Things were progressing as usual with my boss attempting once again to be as abusive and rude as possible.  I got back from lunch and discovered I had been "terminated".  Interesting.  I have come to the conclusion, as I have pondered the entire situation, that my boss has been unrealistically difficult to work for since I let his "little buddy" go this past winter--actually in February.  He is difficult to work for normally but it has been TERRIBLE since February.  I began thinking along those lines because not more than an hour after I was escorted out his "little buddy" was back......and in my position.

As a result of being suddenly unemployed I find myself under alot less stress, if you can believe it, than I was while I was working for "The Tyrant".  There are several options available that have been lurking in the background of my life since last year and I can't really decide which way to go. School? Self employment? Moving back to Colorado?

The past year has been insane between Sean and I separating, work, moving, buying a house, Sean dieing, The Daughter deciding she needed to get married at 17, PB moving back in with all of his prejudices firmly in place that his dad put there, etc.  Now my job of just over two years that I thought was secure and what I would be doing for a good long time is gone.

I could go back to school and finish.  That would, for the most part require moving.  Not really in the mood to move since I've decided I like it here--all the snow and wildlife and outdoor stuff to do.  I have a couple of online businesses. None of which are doing real great--unfortunately.  I could alway get another job, but quite frankly I'm really tired of working really hard so someone else can make the big bucks. 

What I've kind of decided is that I'm going to apply for unemployment right now and see what happens next.  I believe there has to be a reason for me leaving Pyro City.  Something else needs done.  I don't know what it is so until it reveals itself I think I will just "drift" along looking for it.  Really don't know what else to do.  I have a million projects, knitting, home, etc that all need my attention so in the mean time I will pursue those and try to get ahead.

What a year!