Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to Superwash Wool

Oh Superwash Wool,
How I do love thee.
Thou art far superior to regular wool.
Who would have ever thought
that sweaters and socks made from thee
could be washed in the washing machine
without a worry.
Thy colors I dream of at night
and caress lovingly during the day.
When thou art available
Who could possibly think
of using that other wool.
Thy fair favors
hast won my heart
and loyalty forever
and from thy silky strands
I never will depart.

(Unless I feel the need to felt something)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ahhhhhh Knitting (sigh)

A wise blogger once said, "Ravelry is a black hole." I agree. Since I have been sick and lonely (everyone has gone back to school and work) I have been working on my Ravelry notebook and "surfing" around Ravelry looking at patterns and yarn and people and patterns and more patterns. If you EVER cannot think of what to knit next go to Ravelry and just look around!! I honestly have spent four hours, or more, everyday the past few days looking at patterns. And as if I hadn't spent enough time looking at patterns on Ravelry, when I read Yarn Addict Anni's blog the other day she mentioned a pattern on Knitty so I made the mistake of going over there to see it and ended up with more patterns, than I will ever be able to knit in a lifetime, for everything from socks to hats (which covers everthing from toe to head). Now, I already mentioned the number of UFO's and WIP's that I am currently buried in, I am actually starting two more projects. WHY?! It's not that I don't already have enough to do, and of course if I would spend more time knitting than looking for more patterns I might actually be getting some of them done. I just love patterns!!! In fact, with the number of pattern books and loose patterns that I have collected over the past few years, one might almost assume that I just like patterns. I must admit I REALLY like to look at knitting patterns in books, magazines, online, in the LYS, etc, etc. I also will sit and read knitting patterns for other projects while I am knitting on a different project--sometimes this is not a good idea so do be careful if this sounds like something you would enjoy as well. I am astounded at the amazing talent that exists out there in the world. So many beautiful projects and color combinations that make you want to grab your keys and rush to the nearest LYS for yarn so you can cast on as you drive home.

I do love knitting, make no mistake! But it's would be wrong to say that I like it MORE than knitting patterns. If something ever happens and I can no longer pick up my needles and knit, there will always be patterns.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, I guess I am never getting well. I went to the doctor on Thursday and they loaded me up with antibiotics for my ears, lungs, and everything else, but here it is Monday and I am still not well. I can't hear out of my left ear at all and it is killing me, can barely hear out of my right, coughing my head off, etc. I missed church on Sunday--which anyone who knows me knows that I would have to REALLY be sick in order to not go. (Church is like MY time to relax and fill up MY buckets--kind of like knitting time except there are no interuptions).

I have been knitting though! I just can't go that long without some yarn and knitting needles in my hands.

I am well on my way to having my hooded sweater finished!!! If you look back to my UFO and WIP post you will see that I have done A LOT of knitting on it since last week. I have started the sleeves--I work both at the same time--so when they are done I will sew it up and get to wear it. I can't wait!!! It is going to be so nice and warm for all of this super cold weather we are having (it hasn't been above freezing for three weeks!!!). Plus, I haven't made anything for myself for awhile.This is my second sock for the January Sockamania project. I am all the way to the heel now. I knit on them while I watched a movie Saturday night. I anticipate having them finished this week if all goes the way I want it to. Then I can get HoneyBunny's socks finished, which are now more than half way done as well.

I even spent some time spinning!! I finally found some wool that matched this beautiful, natural burgandy, alpaca I bought myself for my birthday a few years ago. There wasn't enough to make anything by itself so when I found this wool that was the same color I bought just enough to make it a 50/50 blend. I hope I have enough to make a sweater, but if not I will turn it all into hats, socks, and gloves. I just love the color! Of course the picture doesn't really capture the "burgandy" spectrum that well, but you get the idea. I can't wait to get it all spun up!!

My knitting friend came over Saturday to buy some of my hand spun angora/wool yarn that she has been making socks out of and we got to visit a while. I love to talk about yarn and knitting almost as much as I like to knit and touch the yarn. She wants me to dye some worsted weight yarn for a contrast yarn in a baby jacket she is making for her first grand baby that is on the way. The jacket is adorable and she has picked some really great colors for it.

Well, I am off to go take some more medicine and knit. Hope you are doing well--stay away from anyone with this bug!!!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please Pass the Chicken Noodle Soup and Tissues

I am so sick! and have been for 4 days. I wasn't too bad when I posted on Monday, but yesterday was TERRIBLE. I didn't even knit! My adorable little boy brought it home from school and promptly gave it to The Daughter who thought I should join them. Needless to say, HoneyBunny is avoiding us all. He thinks that all the coughing associated with this cold would be very painful to do with all his current back problems. I don't know what he is talking about. For one thing, I re-adjust my neck everytime I cough and I am really working those abs! I should have a nice six-pack by tomorrow! For another thing, I can't hear what he is really saying because my head is sooooooo congested that he would have to yell, while standing next to me, in order for me to hear him.

Normally I can keep a cold from really taking hold by increasing my vitamins, eating a spoonful of natural honey, and drinking a lot of honey/lemon tea. This cold refuses to be suppressed. No matter what natural remedies I have tried, that are tried and proven to work, this cold insists that it is going to run its course and that is that! It starts with a funny little tickle in your throat, then a severely sore throat, next comes the "elephant sitting on your chest" and tight, persistant cough. After suffering with the "elephant" situation for about 36 to 48 hours your head decides it has been missing all the fun and becomes hopelessly congested to the point that your feel really light headed and you can't hear anymore. The wimpy cough and cold medicines from the store give NO relief! I have taken everything that says "Sever" on it and have received no relief. I'm telling you!!!! this cold wants you to SUFFER!

I have a meeting tonight that I HAVE to go to and, of course, evening is when this monster is at its absolute, miserable, worst! I can see it all now, I am trying to read lips and end up saying "Huh?" until I loose my voice, all the while repeatedly coughing this gunk out of my lungs, and spreading the germs!

Just you wait til tonight! Yes, you know who I am talking to! We just had to meet tonight! You'll be ssssoooooorrrrryyy!

"cough cough cough cough, sniffle, sniffle, cough, sniffle, ahem, ahem, cough, sniffle, ahem!"

Could someone please pass the chicken noodle soup and a tissue?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Could I Have Any More UFO's or WIP's?

Of, course! There is always room for more UFO's and WIP's in a knitters life! Unfortunately, they are really getting in the way if I want to do anything on my computer. More than half of my desk in covered in yarn, WIP's, and UFO's a good eighteen inches deep (that's about 46 cm for those outside the US). I don't remember EVER having this many projects going on at once! It really is completely out of control!First, there is the hooded sweater that I started the day after Christmas. I am using recycled yarn from a sweater that I had made for HoneyBunny two Christmas' ago that just never fit him right. I re-did the neck at least four times but it still was messed up. I finally gave up and just ripped the whole 10 skein sweater apart and started this instead--so far so good.Next is my Sockamania project for January--New Years Socks. I have the first one done and the second one started. It is a super easy pattern! I have neglected to mention where all of these Sockamania patterns can be found. So here is a link. Anni sells some great yarn as well!!! Which reminds me.................
This was in my mailbox Saturday. I ordered the Sea Scape 100% lace weight cashmere from Anni's etsy store. The blue, bamboo/wool sock weight skein was my prize yarn for the Sockamania December drawing--also found in Anni's store. I can't wait to get a project started with them!!!!!The next UFO sitting here is the beginnings of a pair of Mad Color Weave socks. (I can't find the link--it was on one of the SAMKAL Blogs). I love this pattern! Even in plain yarn it is gorgeous!

This is the other pair of socks that I am working on right now. The yarn is some that I swapped for with Hege. I love the color! I am a sucker for olive greens and tans. These are going to be for HoneyBunny's birthday. I have them about half done.

Not pictured are the Turkish Socks--that are definately in the UFO status, the lace shawl--UFO, the silk/wool lace socks--WIP, and the green pants for the daughter--UFO.

I can't believe I am looking for a pattern that I can use for my new yarn! Where is my self control?

Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's A Small World (NOT!) After All

It is not a secret that my one true love in this life--besides HoneyBunny of course--is knitting socks. However, in my small minded existence, I occasionally think that I am one of only a handful of knitters that knit socks. So, yesterday I was in the mood to surf around the internet and look at some sock patterns that had been referenced on Ravelry. Let me just say W--O--W!!! There are so many sock patterns out there--some that are so amazing, wonderful, incredible, leave me speechless, that I can't believe they aren't in a book--that one will never live long enough to knit all of the socks one would REALLY like to knit. I had the crazy thought that I could make it my life's work to try to knit them all though! I knit pretty fast and have made hundreds and hundreds of socks (so many that I can honestly make them in my sleep), but sadly I will die a very old woman before I am able to make ALL of the socks that I would like. I was so taken back by the number of sock loving knitters out there!! And that is just the ones who are on-line. I am sure there are at least that many out there that aren't on-line. WOW!
In an effort to not be "out-done" I thought I would post some of my "amazing" socks that were my firsts (the first three pictured) and some of my latest (all the rest).

I just love knitting socks. It seems that my latest are so boring after those first 50 or so socks, but that is because the main wear-er of my socks is the "Boring Sock Lover"--HoneyBunny. I need to return to those exciting ones. They are so much fun!!

Well, I'm off to see if I can find the pattern for that pair of 12 color Turkish socks I wanted to make a few years ago.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to Normal(?)

The holidays are now over. The final Christmas decorations have been packed away and the house put back into some sense of an organized mess. I am always a little melancholy when it all ends. There is so much build up, hype, and excitement that when it all ends I feel a little...oh, I don't know what word to use...I feel bored, I guess. The kids will return to school on Tuesday(don't ask, "Why Tuesday?" I don't know) and then the whole holiday thing is officially over.

I started putting my Ravelry page together last night. There is so much cool stuff on there! It is a fantastic space place to see what the rest of us yarnaholics are up to.

I started my January Sockamania socks. I am using some of my own hand-dyed yarn. It is a very basic sock, but the yarn makes them wild and the daughter has already claimed them. I will post some progress pictures next time.

It has been snowing here since yesterday evening. The power went out during the night for a couple of hours. We woke up because the house was so cold!!! Then couldn't get back to sleep. So we are all very tired today. It is getting ready to really lay down some snow here in a few minutes--getting very dark outside. I think I will take a nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Happy Knitting.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cabin Fever!

Now don't get me wrong...I love HoneyBunny very much and enjoy his company very much, but when he is on seasonal lay-off from his job the house can get VERY small!! I am a morning person. If I am to get any housework done I have to do it in the morning. If I am going to run errands, I like to do it in the morning while the rest of the world is still asleep or at work--once lunch hits town is a mess! However, when HoneyBunny is home he likes to stay up really late and then sleep in until 10, 11, or even 12 o'clock the next day. Then he wants to run around town and shop and do all this stuff in town. Well, I hate it!!! I have to be home when my kids get out of school, I have to pick the daughter up because it is too far to walk in this bad weather and HoneyBunny just doesn't understand why we have to come home just as he is getting going. I also hate television!!! I love to watch movies, documentaries, etc, but I find the tv being on just so that there is a noise in the house bugs me to death! HoneyBunny likes tv, he doesn't care if its court tv, talk shows, soap operas, etc. He turns it on the second he gets out of bed and would leave it on even if we weren't home if I didn't turn it off as we were walking out the door.
So, I have been doing a lot of knitting in order to steady my nerves. I currently have 5 pairs of socks, a sweater, a shawl, and a hat that I am working on all at once. I have been doing so much that my hands are sore today. I just may have all of next years gifts done before summer at this rate.
This is a hat I finished last week. The son thinks it should be for him, but since I already made him two hats this season he doesn't really need another one.
These are my December Sockamania Socks. Aren't they WONDERFUL! I just love them! I waited until Christmas Day to start them because I had so many other projects I was working on. I wasn't sure that I would be able to finish them by the deadline--December 31, but I did!!

This is another hat that I finished after the green one. Honey Bunny wanted this one really bad to go with his socks that feature the same skull-n-crossbones pattern, but it turned out just a little too small for him.

I'll have to post the pictures of the rest of the stuff as it gets finished and photographed. In the mean time Happy New Year to all of you! Hope this year is full of all the yarn, projects, and fluffy fiber you can handle!

Happy Knitting!