Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I Knit

Everyone knows I knit. It is a little hard to miss this about me because I knit in the doctor's office, at the park, at the pool, in the mall, in the sporting goods stores, in the movie theatre, etc. However, no one really knows WHY I knit. So, here it is...............

I knit for the peace I feel when I am knitting. I knit when I am upset because it smoothes everything over for me, and it calms and soothes my soul.

I knit during movies because I really enjoy the combination--movies/knitting--it just goes together like movies and popcorn. You will never see me watching a movie without my knitting in hand.

I knit because I can make it in my size, my favorite color at the time, and out of whatever fiber I want. And no one else will have exactly the same thing because I use patterns as a reference only, for the most part. Let's see W**-Mart come up with something that fits that bill!! HA!

I knit because HoneyBunny decided years ago that the only socks he can wear are my hand knit ones. And that's ok because I will only wear my hand knit socks as well.

I knit because I love yarn..........and fiber............and sheep..............and angora bunnies..............and cashmere!!!! How do you love cashmere and not knit? If you don't knit but love cashmere, imagine being able to spend hours and hours with cashmere caressing your hands as it slips softly through them and turns into that amazing, luxurious article of clothing!! (Whoa! I have goose bumps just thinking about it!!!)

Knitting is my life. I knit to live. I knit for comfort. Knitting isn't just something I do, it's who I am.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Knit?

Monday, June 09, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

We are currently mourning the loss of HoneyBunny's career. He brought home 75% of our household income. Now it's gone. The doctor wants him to be on disability for the next two to three months to see if it makes any difference in his back pain. If not then she will put him on permanent disability. (For those of you that don't know, HoneyBunny broke his L5 vertebrae in the oil field about six years ago and has had four surgeries to try to stabilize the area. As one IME doctor put it, he has a "failed back". The latest development is that his feet keep swelling up so much he can't wear shoes and they hurt so bad he can't walk without a cane and even then it's "OOoo! Eeee! Owwww!" every step of the way. His stress and blood pressure levels are off the chart. And for those of you saying, "Well what about Workman's Comp.?" HA! Don't ever think that just because you get hurt that your insurance company is going to take care of you! Those people only exist to TAKE your money. They have no intention of EVER giving ANY of it back or providing you with any of the benefits that your money is supposed to be paying for! Regardless of how hurt you are. And on top of that, the Workman's Comp. in our state has no obligation to pay for any re-training should you loose your job as a result of your injury.)

Ya, so you can guess where we are at! I am so upset I can't even knit and I have managed to get myself so stressed out and tired--from lack of sleep--that I am very sick today. I started getting a terribly sore throat and a raging headache last night and things have not improved today.

AND! on top of all of this our congregation at church has grown so much over the last few years that they have had to draw up new boundaries and divide us up. I feel like my entire support system just crashed. My dearest friends and the leader of our congregation are going to be "in the other group" and I am going to be in the new one. I cried most of the day yesterday.

I am so ready for something good to happen! You have no idea!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday's Escape

The Ancient Ones
Homes built of stone and mud
Sacred dwellings
Whispers from the cobwebs
Shadows in the corners
Stories of the hunt
Painted on the wall
Reverently my hand touches Theirs.

I am in escape mode right now. The doctor wants HoneyBunny to go on disability--preferrably permanent disability. We are having a hard time trying figure out how we are going to make it. I always "run away" to my "secret garden" when life gets this bad. My secret garden is the canyons and deserts I grew up playing in. My indian ruins. The ghosts and spirits that haunt them were my friends, the kachina people would laugh in my ear and play games with me. I miss them and the time I spent there. It was my safe place then and so that's where I want to be now.