Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday's Escape

The Ancient Ones
Homes built of stone and mud
Sacred dwellings
Whispers from the cobwebs
Shadows in the corners
Stories of the hunt
Painted on the wall
Reverently my hand touches Theirs.

I am in escape mode right now. The doctor wants HoneyBunny to go on disability--preferrably permanent disability. We are having a hard time trying figure out how we are going to make it. I always "run away" to my "secret garden" when life gets this bad. My secret garden is the canyons and deserts I grew up playing in. My indian ruins. The ghosts and spirits that haunt them were my friends, the kachina people would laugh in my ear and play games with me. I miss them and the time I spent there. It was my safe place then and so that's where I want to be now.


AfternoonMoon said...
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AfternoonMoon said...

I feel your need to release your negative energy. I usually take a trip to Denali National Park (an hour and a half away). Those mountains have been there for thousands upon thousands of years. The tectonic activity that created so much pressure to uplift that much land and create something so monumentally beautiful was extreme. It makes the pressure that I am burdened with on a daily basis seem more managable. Over time, good things will come. But only under extreme pressure will beauty arise. My thoughts are with you.

Hege said...

Sending you some big hugs and hope things will work out for you!!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I don't know the nature of his disability, but is there anything he can do and still earn an income??? Perhaps going back to school for a desk job?!?

Hope everything works out.

Awesome Mom said...

Being out in nature is always soothing for me too. I am sorry that life is tought right now. I hope that things get better soon.

Awesome Mom said...

I would love to meet you too, but we are not going through your part of Colorado. We wanted to avoid the mountain driving. Maybe next time we go to Utah I will be able to convince my husband to take the other way and we can stop by your neck of the woods.

PS I am loving the yarn! It is so much fun to knit with. Handspun really gives you a lot more texture than mill spun yarn. I am also loving the subtle bits of dark blue that the silk gives the wool. You did an awesome job spinning it.