Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As If I didn't Already Have Enough Going On

HoneyBunny notified me last Monday that he was experiencing a pain in his abdomen that was severe enough that he was prepared to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital. He has a hernia and will be having surgery on Friday! OH BOY! Do you ever feel picked on? I am feeling a little picked on. Last night I called my best friend to see how her new house was coming along (she gutted the house and has been remodeling it by herself for a month now) and she said she would have to call me back because she was at the "After Hours Clinic" with a broken arm. A drill had fallen off a ladder and landed on her arm.

So, I'm thinking it probably isn't safe to be associated with me right now. I guess since I have this little abomination on my finger, giving me grief, everyone has decided that they would show me that things could be worse?

Where's my knitting? Quick!! Quick!! I need my knitting!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fiber Adventures

A friend of mine and I went to the Fiber Festival in Estes Park on Saturday. We had a great time. I found some yarn (yes, more tofutsies!) and some beautiful bombyx silk fiber.

I could have purchased a ton of stuff, but there was just so much to see and so many beautiful fibers and yarns that I was overwhelmed! The silk is going to get blended with some satin angora from one of my bunnies. It will no doubtedly be the most luxurious yarn on the face of the planet! I will definitely keep it all for myself (as selfish as that sounds--sorry). I took a picture of an adorable little alpaca family. Knew you all would enjoy it!

Aren't they cute!!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good News---Bad News

I went to the doctor yesterday about the lump on my finger. The good news is it wasn't caused by knitting or spinning! Yeah!!! The bad news is it is a tumor and I have to have surgery on the 13th of July to have it removed. And worse than that, I will be in a cast (to immobilize my finger and hand) for a week and a half. Booooooo!!!! So that is that. I will have to come up with the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine so that I have something (knitting) to do while my hand gets well. I've heard that the summer issue of VK is fantastic.

In the Picture I have circled the area where the lump is and drawn an arrow to its location (right index finger). If you look close you can see the difference it makes in the shape of my finger as compared to the left finger in that area.

Oh, poor, poor me. I have to get busy now. I have three pairs of socks to finish and 3,500 yards of yarn to get spun up before the 13th.

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ooops! (That's what I say when I hurt myself)

I've gone and done it now. I have a real life knitting injury due to knitting too much. Can you believe it? I must admit I am in a little bit of denial about the whole thing. I am sure that the lump on my index finger is also caused from typing too much as well as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and maybe a little bit of knitting.

I have to go to the doctor on Thursday to have it examined by a hand specialist to see what exactly needs to be done. I hope whatever he does doesn't include a recovery that bans knitting. The first doctor I went to see actually had the nerve to suggest I take it easy on the knitting for a while. WHAT!? exactly does that mean? I am sure he just meant that I should only knit during the day and not at night or something. At one point a cortizone shot was mentioned as treatment, at which point I lost all sense of time and space. I had a flash back of the last cortizone shot I had in my hand (I would rather have a baby, in labor for hours, with no drugs to help). There has to be a better way to fix this little abomination that is ruining my knitting time.

When I came home from the initial doctors appointment my husband said, "It's from knitting too much isn't it!?" I lied and said, "Well, the doctor wasn't sure. It could be possible that it is from knitting, but he wasn't convinced that knitting was the only culprit. He thought house work could be just as guilty of creating the lump in my finger." I don't think HoneyBunny was convinced I was telling the whole truth. I can't believe he didn't believe me.

So, I'll have to let you know how it all goes. I am just a little nervous, only because the cortizone shot thing was mentioned (it would probably hurt less if they just chopped my index finger off at the knuckle without the use of drugs).

On a happier note, and way funnier note, I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog and came across a very funny post that I think everyone should read. Not only did I about die laughing (which is not a good thing to have happen at work while it's busy), but now I want to make a whole mess of the little sweaters as well. (Lettuce Knit does have a web page for those of you who get sucked in by the little sweater obsession also.) WARNING: If you are not strong enough to resist impulse buying of yarn or knit kits do not read the post or visit Lettuce Knit. Good Stuff!!

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Huge Announcement!!

I can't believe it! After years of dreaming and working for other people I am going to be opening my own yarn, fiber, and spinning store!!!!!!!! I am so excited. It is going to be a few months while I get the paperwork done and set up but I plan to open by mid-September. I have so many ideas and plans running through my head that I can't sleep at night. It's going to be great! I will post pictures and information here as the whole project progresses.

In other news, I have received my sock yarn orders and let me just say WOW! The new "Tofutsie" is wonderful. If you have not tried it yet I recommend it. I hope they come out with some solid colors at some point so that those "boring sock lovers" that live in my house can have a pair from this new yarn. I will be carrying Southwest Trading Co. yarn in the store for sure!

Also, the summer issue of Interweave Press Knits is wonderful. They have had several very good issues in a row this year. I love the changes they have made to the magazine. With Eunny Jang taking over I am anxious to see what changes she will bring. I know the people at Interweave are all excited to see what she has in store for the magazine. If you have not checked out an issue of Interweave Press Knits for a while now is an excellent time to take another look at it.

Happy Knitting!!!!