Friday, June 15, 2007

Good News---Bad News

I went to the doctor yesterday about the lump on my finger. The good news is it wasn't caused by knitting or spinning! Yeah!!! The bad news is it is a tumor and I have to have surgery on the 13th of July to have it removed. And worse than that, I will be in a cast (to immobilize my finger and hand) for a week and a half. Booooooo!!!! So that is that. I will have to come up with the latest Vogue Knitting Magazine so that I have something (knitting) to do while my hand gets well. I've heard that the summer issue of VK is fantastic.

In the Picture I have circled the area where the lump is and drawn an arrow to its location (right index finger). If you look close you can see the difference it makes in the shape of my finger as compared to the left finger in that area.

Oh, poor, poor me. I have to get busy now. I have three pairs of socks to finish and 3,500 yards of yarn to get spun up before the 13th.

Happy Knitting!!


Anni said...

What a shame about the surgery. I hope the op goes well without any problems and that you heal quickly afterwards and can get back to knitting and spinning. A week and a half wihtout knitting woudl drive me insane.

Tama said...

I do not do well (mentally) when I can't knit, as I mentioned in an earlier post. I have modified my knitting style before though to accomodate for hand problems so I am sure I will figure out a way to still knit. Thank goodness I can knit left or right handed. That helps!!