Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Late Is "Too Late"?

So the day before yesterday I came across some lovely aran sweater patterns and decided that I should make a couple for Christmas gifts.....I am aware that it is the end of October and that Christmas is less than two months away.

(Great looking sweaters huh?)
Not too mention, but you all know what a flakey knitter I am.  Even as I had the thought of making these sweaters I cast on for a gorgeous pair of socks with US size 0 needles--lol.  And then decided I had an AWESOME idea for this scarf...all silk :)  I knit it straight through til it was done and it's gorgeous!

Do you suppose I can focus on just these two sweaters?  I am hoping that by making two at the same time, when I get bored with the one that I will turn to the other and not turn to starting another project.  I figure the two sweaters are different enough that they will keep my interest also.  And it's not like I'm knitting sweaters with fingering weight yarn.  The one sweater is with heavy worsted/bulky-ish yarn and the other is with worsted.  So they so work up pretty fast?  Maybe?

Here's hoping :)

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Awesome Mom said...

Good luck! I have been having a bad case of startitis of late and need to buckle down and finish some projects.