Saturday, February 26, 2011


It started last night.  The heavy white clouds full of snow just waiting to fall rolled in early in the evening.  By the time I went to pick up PB from the dance it was snowing huge fluffy white flakes.  This morning dawned with bright, beautiful sunshine and cowboy blue skies. 

No denying the fact, I love snow!  Especially newly fallen snow.  Everything is covered in a beautiful white fluffy blanket this morning.  We got about six inches of new snow.  I love how the sun reflects off of the snow flakes and makes everything look like it's covered in rainbow glitter. 

I feel sad when I hear people say that they hate the snow.  The snow is such an important element of weather.  Without it there would be ALOT less water to drink, water lawns with, wash cars with, etc in the summer.  What happens as we grow up?  We all loved the snow as children.  I don't think I have ever heard a child remark, after looking out the window and seeing a world of white, "Snow!  I hate snow!  What did it have to snow for?"  No, they are excited and eager to run out and make snowmen and snow angels, sled, skate, have snowball fights, jump around and throw the snow into the air......

We all loved it then.  I still do.  Yes, I get up and shovel out my sidewalk just like everyone else.  At work I have three parking lots that have to have all the snow removed from everytime it snows.  My truck slips and slides as I drive through town just like everyone else's.  I have to bundle up in warm socks--handknit of course--coats, hats, gloves, and boots.  But I love the snow.  I love the rain, I love thunder storms, I love the warm spring sunshine, I love all the seasons and the weather that goes with them.  The only thing I do not like is wind, but it serves its purpose.

Maybe the reason I like snow and cold and it doesn't bother me is because I knit :)  It is so much fun to see if I can create the ultimate snow gear.  Whether its hats, socks, sweaters, scarves, or mittens  I want to see just how comfortable I can stay with all my own snow wear in the coldest of snowy conditions.  Way more fun than trying to stay cool during hot summers!!


Awesome Mom said...

I don't hate snow, I hate driving in it. I am not very good at driving in it and am paranoid about getting in accidents when I do.

Hege said...

Hmm, I get your point. And I do love winter and snow - it's great to go skiing, sledding and so on. BUT living in a country that has winter/cold weather 7 out of 12 months, I think I have a the right to get a bit fed up after a while ;)
I'm not there yet, but when April comes I usually start to long for spring and for the snow to melt.