Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It has been so cold here for the last two weeks!!  I keep thinking that the temperature is going to rise and we are going to warm back up a little bit since, techically, it's still Autumn--winter doesn't officially start until December 21st.  But, so far, no chance.  The thermometer in my car hasn't registered a number over 3 degrees Farenheit for days and that is the HIGH!  It has been below zero every night and if you add in the wind chill we have seen temperatures as low as 35 below zero.  THAT'S COLD PEOPLE!!!  You don't just run outside real quick to grab something out of the car or a piece of wood without putting on the entire abominable snowman outfit--we are talking serious "keep you warm" fibers here; angora/cashmere/camel down/buffalo down scarf, hat, double layer mittens, and serious Antartica approved coat.  At least we haven't been as bad as the other side of the state.  Laramie, Cheyenne, and Casper have seen 45 below zero.  Trust me, all temperatures once you get below zero ARE NOT the same, as I mistakenly thought before experiencing 20 below zero temperatures.

It hasn't really snowed much.  Mostly because the wind blew all of the snow that was falling here all the way to Colorado--where they got 8 to 12 inches in my hometown (which is in the desert and rarely sees any snow at all during the winter).  My brother, who still lives there, said he would rather have all the snow than the extreme cold.  I am used to the roads melting off during the day, but I guess that regardless of how bright the sunshine is, if it's below zero nothing is going to melt.

So, I am currently experiencing the "two weeks til Christmas knitting frenzy".  In fact, it is so bad today that I can't seem to get going on my knitting because I don't know which project is the priority.  I have PB complaining that he still doesn't have any gloves or mittens and his hands are freezing at the bus stop every morning.  The Daughter thinks I am secretly working on the hat/scarf set she pointed out she would really appreciate having.  I gave up on knitted stuff for my brother, and in-laws completely last night.  And I guess HB will just get the socks I finished last week that I was making for someone else. 

What happened?  I thought I had it all covered.  I had seven pairs of socks finished and all of my yarn and patterns for everything in place.  The only thing I can think of is I moved and started designing patterns for Sockamania.  Moving is so time consuming (wasting!).  There's all that packing and then unpacking.  Trying to find the right box to put things in and then the right place to put it away.  All that cleaning, loading, and unloading.  Of course, when the day is done you are so tired and it is usually so late that you barely have the energy to undress so you can go to bed.  Sockamania hasn't been too time consuming itself.  If I'd quit changing my mind about the pattern or the yarn or the needles and making the sock over and over again it wouldn't take me but a week to have the entire thing ready to go.

Anyway, I hope everyone isn't too disappointed with their gifts this year.  I better get busy on those mittens for PB or he may end up with frost bite and then I will feel really bad.


Awesome Mom said...

We are facing below zero temps here too and you are right, there is no just popping out real quick to get something from outside. I swear it takes an extra half hour just to get all the kids geared up to leave the house for school in the morning. I am soo tired of being cold.

Tama said...

I forget how long it takes to get little kids ready and geared up to go outside. Not only does it take forever, but then you are exhausted and too tired to leave by the time they are ready to go LOL!

Carol VR said...

Check out the link above for a fantastic yarn giveaway. It has your name written all over it. Best of luck.