Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

I am capable of self control! After my last post/confessional, I buckled down and told myself, "Self! It is time to get some of these projects completed!" (What really happened was my husband brought home several new knitting magazines and books for me from Washington with some GREAT projects in them that I can't wait to start, but know I won't let myself start until some of the WIP disaster is cleaned up).

So, I managed to finish this plain pair of socks that have been kicking around for a month or so. They aren't anything fancy, but HEY! they are done! and checked off my list.Next was my Sockamania sock project for April. They are fancy and I love them! So will my BFF. They are for her birthday--in December. Checked off!
Next, and I just finished this today, is THE scarlet, silk scarf. I L-O-V-E it! And it's mine mine mine! I will post the pattern for it later this week on here so you can make one for YOU!
Here it is on me, and a nice close-up of the lace detail. The yarn is so wonderful and soft! I do believe that this yarn is the nicest silk yarn I have ever found. Gorgeous color and top quality!
And finally, I finished these earlier this month but haven't posted the picture of them yet. They were supposed to be the February Sockamania sock project, but with all of my other projects it took me until this month to finish them.
See! I can be dedicated. I am not just a "Starter", I am also a "Finisher"! Now, I am off to go finish another pair of socks that have been "almost finished" for a month or so. Nothing new can be started yet! I have that pair to finish, a tall pair of men's socks to finish, a "thigh-high" pair I started in December to finish, the Sockamania March pair to finish, this really cute "Christmas-ie" pair to finish, the "Tiger's Eye" scarf to finish, etc., etc., etc................................Oh man! I may never get to start anything new at this rate!


Awesome Mom said...

Cute stuff!!! I especially love the scarf. I may have to make myself one if I can find the right yarn for it.

Carol VR said...

That scarf looks wonderful!!!! Can't wait to see the pattern.

Hege said...

Love the socks with hearts on! And the scarf is beautiful.

Anni said...

Love the lace scarf and the socks are all fab too.