Thursday, October 01, 2009

My First Sockamania Design

I was so excited to get my October sock design posted that I forgot some details on the pattern. Ooops! It's all fixed now. Here is the sock:

It turned out really good! I am going to be giving this pair as a Christmas present.....maybe. I really like them a lot! If I keep going I will have at least one pair of socks to give everyone on my Christmas list. I have made A LOT of socks this year! I will be listing the "Autumn Leaves" pattern for sale on my etsy store on November 1st if you would like to get it and aren't a member of Sockamania. (members get their patterns for free).

SOCKAMANIA DESIGN SNEEK PREVIEW: I am already about 1/4 of the way through the November sock. The yarn is a little heavier and the sock is knit on size 3 needles so they make up a little faster. I will have three different colors that the socks can be made from available in my etsy store and there will be a link in two weeks to the yarn in case anyone wants to use the same yarn I did for the pattern. I haven't made anything with this yarn before. It's different; not the usual wool, or bamboo style sock yarn. I am anxious to see how the finished item looks. I like it so far. The pattern requires good stitch definition and this yarn delivers! Stay tuned for more sneek peeks!

It snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday morning it was pouring rain and about 60 degrees F, but by noon the temperature had dropped to about 40, the wind was blowing and it had started snowing little flakes. HB and I went to Salt Lake for the afternoon and when we came back it was snowing hard and accumulating. It was very cold last night so the snow is still on the ground. WHAT HAPPENED TO FALL? I mean there are still trees that haven't even started to turn colors. There is still green grass for crying out loud! I have a feeling that Fall is going to be very short lived here this year. Oh well, out with the summer clothes and "HELLO" sweaters! My new sweater is almost finished--just the buttons to sew on. (I'll post pictures soon!) I can't wait to wear it!

Anyway, happy knitting!


Awesome Mom said...

Those are beautiful!!! I just may work up the courage to give them a whirl. You are a sock pattern writer dynamo!

Carol VR said...

I'm on our Christmas list, right?!?...LOL

Tama said...

I'll see what I can do Carol :o) Thanks Awesome Mom! I think they are pretty awesome socks!

Anonymous said...

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