Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Changes--It's About Time!

It was bound to happen. I am just surprised it took 13 months! We quit the motel and moved out! I quit--sort of--in May when I went to work as the store manager for a fireworks warehouse, but HB has held on until we are all so miserable and sick of the place that we couldn't stand it another second.

I know that managing a motel doesn't sound so awful, but being "live-in Managers" is the most awful job on the planet! I worked one hunting season for a meat processing plant--processing all the hunters' deer and elk. It was a smelly!! dirty, long hour, messy job. BUT! I would rather do that all year long than work one more day at that motel!

You have to realize that almost every person that comes in asking for a room is tired, been driving for hours along some pretty boring landscape, surrounded by a lot of semi trucks, fighting the wind across the prairie, etc. and they are irritable! I had no idea that the general public--traveller--has completely abandoned all of the manners that I am sure their mother or grandmother taught them was proper! Just thinking about the experiences I have had, I have to just shake my head in disbelief. It really is disappointing to see so many people behave so deplorably. Even older people!! who I know that were raised in a society where manners were expected! I want to yell at them, "What would your mother think if she saw/heard you acting like that!"

Anyway, on top of the terrible atmosphere of the place, the rude guests who have neither brains, common sense, nor manners, the owner of the motel has robbed us for the last time. He is the biggest liar/cheat I have ever met! I am sure the only reason he has gotten away with it for so many years is because he and his family own most of the town we live in. I have heard all sorts of gossip about them and the things they have pulled over the years. It's interesting, he could be a force for good in this community and have a really up-standing reputation, but instead no one in this town respects him and to say you are related to him is a put-down.

So, once the "straw broke the camels back" last week HB and I went out, rented a condo and started moving out. The place we got is really cute and the kids are so happy they don't want to go back to the motel and help pack. I can't blame them. We spent the weekend moving all of the big stuff and should be completely out by this coming weekend.

In the mean time, I have almost finished the November Sockamania pattern. It is going to be great! Really easy, fun, sport weight yarn so it will make up fast, etc., etc., etc. I listed the yarn for the pattern in my etsy store earlier today and the pattern will be available November 2nd. The October pattern, Autumn Leaves will go on sale in my store the same day.

I am also in the middle of making HB a present for our anniversary. I can't post pictures until I give it to him because he will sneek in here and peek. But I am so excited about it!! I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him. I will post pictures later.

Well, I better be off! It's almost lunch time and I haven't got anything done this morning--too tired!


Carol VR said...

It amazing how a year can cause such a tramatic outlook on what was initially so positive.

What is hubs doing for work hereafter???

Tama said...

Don't know right now. I think he is going to pursue some education and some alternative medical treatments.

Anni said...

I'm glad to hear you've find a better place to to live. Being miserablewhere you live and work is no fun. It's suc ha big part of your life. I've had some pretty miserable jobs in the past and some people are pretty rude and unpleasant. Have worked in hotels too and it's not nice. I hope things improve for you now. Looking forward to seeing November's sockamania socks.