Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knittin' Myself Silly

I really hope that I am not the only Knitter out there that worries about this...............

Each time we go anywhere in the car I take my knitting. Occasionally we go somewhere that my knitting needs to stay behind in the car. For some reason I hide my knitting in the car or in the trunk. Why? Well, I don't want it to get stolen. No matter how much HoneyBunny assures me that no one is going to break into our vehicle to steal my knitting I still worry. He has assured me that if they were to steal anything it would be our stereo system, items from our emergency bag, etc. "Ya but what if they really like the yarn? You know how nice this yarn is!" His reply, "Trust me, no one is going to steal it." How does he know? There could be some homeless or desperate yarnaholic out there somewhere just looking for their next fix. I am glad he is so understanding and patient with me because my daughter thinks I am nuts!

So I have to know, do you hide your yarn or knitting in fear that it might get stolen out of your car or house? I can't be the only one that would be relieved to find that the burglers only took the television and stereo but didn't touch my yarn stash.

Ok, with that said, now for my latest knitting adventures.......and I must say that living in "Crazy Town USA" promotes A LOT of knitting!

I knit all of that in the last week and a half. I am not joking! All of them are my own designs. I especially like the dishcloths!! and that last brown sock with the tan details! No, the family is walking around in clean clothes and have eaten at least two meals a day. I don't know how I did it. I didn't knit Saturday because The Daughter and I went to Salt Lake to go look at prom dresses and yarn stores. I didn't knit Sunday because I thought my hands probably could use a break. Somehow I managed to knit all of that in that short amount of time. It was fun!!!!

And yes, I am sure I have just about knit myself silly at this point. Oh, well. At least I am enjoying my days a little more.


Awesome Mom said...

I hied anything that I keep in bags and that includes my knitting. When my husband and I were moving one time we got our car broken into because I had left a bag on the front seat. It just had a novel I was reading and a ton of pictures in it, so nothing of any "real" value but it was still frustrating because those pictures were irreplaceable and we had to get a new window for my husband's car. So anything that looks like it might be remotely tempting gets hidden.

Hege said...

No, I don't because I don't take my knitting with me in the car... I have to sit in the middle in the back. And knitting needles does not seem like a good idea with kids on both sides..

And I just have to say WOW, your a fast knitter! Great socks!

Carol VR said...

Your kidding right?!? I'm with your husband and think it's way too compulsive and perhaps on the brink of insanity....LOL

Tama said...

Good point Hege. I don't have little kids anymore, but my husband has commented a couple of times that even if we had a minor car accident I would die from stab wounds inflicted by knitting needles.

Mamere Knits Too Much said...

ha! i do the same, my knitting gets hidden, tucked away so no one will take it :)

that kids know that if we are ever in an accident...#1-do not remove the knitting needle ~ it might be keeping blood from spilling! #2-i want the needle back so rescue people should know that!

love your blog!