Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Anytime.........I just keep telling myself that things are going to get better and things are going to start going good anytime.

I am having a really difficult day. It actually started Sunday at church--kind of an odd place for a bad day to start I know. I hate it when I am faced with the reality that some people are loved and special and I am not (or so the people around you act). I have been brooding over this fact for a couple of days. Then my son decided to try to go to boy scouts here again. It was just as bad as it was a month ago--the last time he went and swore he would never go again. THAT WAS IT!! I had taken all I was going to take from this town of mentally incompetent, male chauvinist pigs!! and empty headed, brow beaten, ignorant women. I marched down to the church and the scout leader and I had a talk. Well, actually, I was talking mostly to the brick wall, because he obviously was not listening, and he was talking to a woman (who has 100 times the IQ he is used to addressing) as if she was one of the stupid women he is used to dealing with. He is so lucky I grew out of my habit of kicking/punching boys who think they are better than girls simply because their dad said so! After several attempts to get Neanderthal Man to understand the point of the conversation I gathered my children and walked out, without saying good-bye or anything. I hope he gets abducted by a legion of Amazons and has to spend the rest of his days as a lowly servant to them!!!

So, now what? Do I just never go to church again? There is no way I am going to get my son to go. The men who are the scout leaders are also the boys youth group leaders--one of which thinks that it is his job "to turn these boys into men". OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL THAT MAN TURN MY SON INTO SOMEONE LIKE HIM!!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE!!

I think I will pack up and go back to Earth where the real people live, or at least the morons are still out-numbered enough that you don't notice them as much.

As if all of this isn't enough, HoneyBunny was told, again, Monday that his back is not repairable. In other words he has a "failed back". He keeps falling down because he will suddenly not have any feeling in his legs. He has fallen twice here at the motel in the hallway and once at Walmart in just the last three weeks. Aside from being scary, it is terribly demeaning and embarrassing for him. Each time he hurts himself also, either his ankle or his knee. Today he fell again and rug burned his arm really bad. I don't know what to do. It's awful. Maybe if we had a boat-load of money the doctors would be more motivated to help him. Moving here to the armpit of America was not a good idea--no doctors, no specialists, etc. that's for sure!

I just want to go home. Can I?


Awesome Mom said...

I am sorry that scouts is going so badly for your son. My husband is having issues with it and he he a leader. I think it is times like this when we just have to grit our teeth and power through the icky stuff in the hopes that things will get better eventually.

Hege said...

(((Sending you lots of hugs)))

And I would have mooved home. I guess one has a limit of how much one can take... And it sounds like you've mooved to "town from hell"

Annie said...

I know I am here a few days late, but...YES, my dear friend. Come home! Don't walk. Run!

Don't tease me about this coming home stuff unless you really mean it.

What do you call the puff ball that people put on the top of knit caps and where can I find instructions on how to make one? I don't want to make the cap, just the ball.