Thursday, February 21, 2008


HoneyBunny goes in for surgery at 6 am! tomorrow. I am all ready with three pairs of socks to knit in various degrees of difficulty, the cashmere lace scarf (I am DYING to start this!!), and a bead-lace-fluffy-neck-head thing called "Ice Queen" from That should keep me busy. He is a nervous wreck, as usual. We've been out "shopping" for two days spending money like there will be no tomorrow. (That is what he does when he gets in a fluff about stuff). We are going out to eat tonight so that the house isn't left a complete disaster. So, I think everything is taken care of.

P.S. Remember the son that my parents convinced to move in with them nine years ago that I mentioned in my Pity Pot blog? HE CALLED ME TODAY TO TELL ME SOME EXCITING NEWS AND FINISHED BY TELLING ME, "I love you Mom." I have been crying since......well actually from the moment he said, "Mom, it's me".

Things are definately looking up. I just hope the trend continues through tomorrow!


Awesome Mom said...

You and hubbie will be in my prayers tomorrow. I hope that things go smoothly with the surgery.

pontos said...

Good luck with everything!
It is so good to know that all the god you have been spreading around is coming back to you!
Good knitting!

Fiber Chic said...

Sending good thoughts your way!
About your son-that's just terrific!! :)
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