Friday, February 08, 2008

Etc, etc, etc

Wow, thank you so much for all of your kind words of encouragement. You will probably never know how much it has meant to me. Things have not improved--in fact my son hurt his shoulder really bad at scouts Wednesday night--but it just helps so much to know people care about me. (When you don't have the love of your parents it's very easy to believe that no one should or could care about you).

I don't really feel like writing, but thought I should catch you up on my knitting. I haven't knit much this week because of depression, but last week I did quite a bit. So here are the pictures.

These are some fingerless mitts that worked up so fast I was even surprised when I got done. I literally made them in the duration of a movie. The pattern is "Evangeline" from MagKnits January 2008. I hand-dyed some peruvian worsted weight wool and used the wrist length version of the pattern. Though I am not fond of bright yellow and greens they are still very pretty. The color reminds me of daffodils--and I LOVE daffodils. They are a surprise present for someone. I really hope she likes them!

These are some basic socks I made with some of the yarn I got from Hege in a yarn swap. I love these! especially the colors! I am unusally fond of olive green and tan. Midnight blue is my favorite color, but olive green and tan come in a close second. These will be a birthday present for HoneyBunny.

This is the start of this months Sockamania pattern. It has little lace hearts all up the foot and then on the leg. I am not to the heel part (you knit them starting from the toe). I couldn't resist making them in Valentine red--again, my hand-dyed yarn.

And finally, I began making another pair of fingerless mitts. These are "Dashing" from Knitty: Spring 2007. The yarn is some of my handspun. It's a yarn that I have been so enamored with that I couldn't bring myself to knit it. It is a blend of cashmere, silk, angora, and a little bit of extremely soft, dark chocolate colored wool. These will definately be for me--I get a little possessive with MY yarn. I am so in love with these; the pattern is simple and beautiful, the yarn--I really don't need to comment further on my love for it, and they are working up quickly. When I showed them to HoneyBunny he exclaimed, "Wow! are those for me? I can't wait!" Ummmm NO! I'll think about letting him borrow them, maybe, if he is really nice, does everything the doctors tell him to do, and he gets well and never hurts himself again.

It always improves my mood to talk about knitting. I love knitting and everything it has done and continues to do for me. As silly as it sounds--to those who don't knit or haven't been knitting for many years--knitting is what gets me from one day to the next.

I knit to live and live to knit.


Awesome Mom said...

Wow that hand spun looks amazing!! I had to wipe the drool off on my keyboard. I like to let some of my more special yarn spend some time in my downstairs yarn stash. That way I can look at it and pet it for awhile before I even consider knitting it up. I had the yarn for my blue-green socks for a couple of month just sitting there before I started the socks.

Joyismygoal said...

Your knitting is such a lovely expression of who you are and that is beautiful

Fiber Chic said...

Looks like you've been knitting up a storm, too!
Sorry about everything! (This is what I get for not checking every blog every day-really sorry!)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Those are the most yarn-a-rific socks I've ever seen!

I'm coveting your knitty stuff now.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

LOVE the fingerless mittens. If I could knit I would patent knee socks for kids. No, silly, not socks that go up to your knees. More like footless socks that only cover your knees, over your pants. That way my kids could crawl, slide, roll all they want without wearing holes in their pants. I'll give you the idea for free if you will knit me some =)

pontos said...

as for the mittens, I KNOW for a fact that she did not liked them, she LOVED them! :) The colours are just great!
You are just amazing, have no doubt. All the best for you, you deserve it!