Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Feel a Knitting Fest Coming On!

We found out Monday morning at 8:30 am that HoneyBunny's surgery was not only authorized--FINALLY--but that it would happen first thing this Friday. I guess if he's going to get it done, the less time he has to think about it the better. He wants to get it really bad, but knowing what goes on during surgery and then the aftermath makes him VERY anxious.

Of course, a nice long day and night in the hospital means...............LOTS and LOTS of knitting!!!! With careful planning I should only need two or three projects. The Sockamania sock of the month is mournfully behind, so that definately has to come along. The Turkish socks that I've been working on FOREVER should come along--maybe I'll actually make some progress on them. OH! OH! and that new shawl I found on I should take that and start it!!! I could take that pair of "Ripples" socks that I started a few months ago and work on them. Let's see, and the knit pants for The Daughter--well, no, that's too big of a project (the rest of the projects wouldn't be able to come along if I took the pants). I know! That cashmere lace scarf that I've been DYING to make! I will take that along, after all nothing is as comforting to pet and knit as cashmere! Hmmm, that should probably do it. I need to make some socks for Pooh Bear--he is in serious need of some new socks!!!! He is just about to the age where his feet have hit a lull in growing. Maybe I should take some yarn and make up a pair of my Utimate Basic Socks. I think I need help (with my packing......not my psyche). What do you think? Let me know what you think I should take.

Happy Knitting!


Awesome Mom said...

I would bring a lot of small projects. That way you have variety and if you get tired of working on one thing you can pull out something different. I find that if I am knitting a lot of stockinette in the round my hands get tired after awhile so I like to switch to something flat. The pants for sure should stay home. Maybe take a few socks and then the shawl or the scarf. I find that when I am waiting during a surgery my mind tends to get easily bored so I have to bring a variety of things so I can switch off.

Tama said...

Thanks Awesome Mom!! I started a new pair of socks last night--Jaywalkers--they should definately go!