Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WIP--it Wednesday

So, not much has changed in the WIP area. I don't think I have knit one row on the daughters afghan (I do hope I get it done before Christmas!). However, I did finish the September Sockamania Socks. So that is a good thing.

They turned out really nice. My son has already confiscated them and is running around the house in them. I think he just said something about wearing them to school tomorrow. I have plenty of yarn left over and have some sock ideas I am going to try out. If they turn out well, I will post the pattern in my etsy store and a picture here.

It has been a very long day so this is going to have to be short. More later.



Fiber Chic said...

The socks look very comfortable!

Tama said...

These are the softest wool socks ever made. I love the way they feel on my feet!

Hege said...

Great colours!
The green sock yarn is made from Rauma (, but I don't think there is someone selling it online...
We can make a swap if you like ;) I can send you some of the green yarn and you can send me some sock yarn in return.
Have a great sunday!!

Anonymous said...

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