Monday, September 24, 2007

Now THAT'S Knitting!

As I was reading some of my favorite blogs this morning Hege had a picture of some mittens she had made a few years ago. Not just any mittens, but beautiful mittens. She is incredibly talented! She also had a link to some museum pages--all in Norwegian--but there were some pictures I HAVE to share. All hand knit and all amazing! Now THAT'S knitting!
Isn't this the most beautiful pair of knit mittens you have ever seen!? Don't you wish you had a pair!

My grandfather was Norwegian and Danish and I would love to have been able to sit and visit with his parents (my great grandparents) about Norway and Denmark. We probably wouldn't have been able to understand each other though--they didn't speak english and I don't speak Norwegian (unfortunately).

If you would like to see all of the displays on the museums site it is here.
KnitPicks is selling a book called "Selbuvotter". It is all about the history and tradition of these incredible mittens and gloves that are 150 years old. There are 30+ projects in the book. Yes, I ordered it. I am so weak!
Happy Knitting!


Hege said...

Yes, the pictures is beautiful - and I would love to visit the museum :) I think the child socks are adorable!

Fiber Chic said...

Wow! That's amazing!