Friday, September 07, 2007

Dog to the Vet

I have to take our dog to the vet today. No big deal right? It's not like what you have to go through to take the cat to the vet--all the craziness that proceeds even getting the cat in the car. However, though the dog is easily entreated to get in the car, she becomes a complete idiot as soon as we get out to go into the building. Actually, getting her into the C-A-R is interesting as well. She is about 100 pounds of nervous dogginess and I have a compact car. She litterally fills the back seat. Anyway, so we get out at the office and she imediately forgets that she is on a leash. Which dislocates my shoulder and tears all the muscles in my arm and shoulder area. Then we see another dog and the race is on. Now, normally Sierra (my dog) is well behaved--she doesn't bark unneccessarily or run away or do anything naughty (well REALLY naughty anyway, she got into my yarn one time and ate a bunch of it--I don't like to talk about what happened so let's just say that I threw yarn at her, screamed at her until I was hoarse, and then she spent the night outside in the dark by herself), but being in the presence of so many people and other dogs she loses all control and discipline. She is what I call a "High Need" animal. Which means that she wants to be petted by everyone that is within her sight and have all of the attention of all of the other animals that are around. This makes for an extremely irritating wait in the waiting room--not just for me, but for everyone. She pants and whines and lunges at people and whines and pants some more. By the time we are put into a room and they take her temperature she appears to be sick because she is running a temperature. She goes from wanting everyone to touch her to trying to hide in my lap at the sight of the vet. Which for a dog her size is not possible.

By the time I get home I am covered in dog hair and slobber and stink like a sweaty dog.

Well, we have to leave at 11:00 so I guess I better gear up. Here we go.........


Fiber Chic said...

Good luck!

Annie said...

"She is about 100 pounds of nervous dogginess and I have a compact car. She litterally fills the back seat."

I loved this part.