Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday's WIP's

I have been surfing around the web looking at other knitting blogs and have really enjoyed seeing what other knitters are working on right now so I thought I would show off what I currently have on my needles (at least the ones that are sitting here on my desk in the way).

This is the pair of socks that I am making for the Sockamania KAL for September. I am afraid that the daughter thinks these are going to end up hers, but she is in for a surprise because I really like how they are turning out--plus I wear more brown than she does. These will also appear on the SAMKAL 4 blog site for September.

This is the blanket that I mentioned was for my daughters birthday. It is really pretty and EXTREMELY soft. I am combining KnitPicks Crayon and Suri for the main part and then the eyelash is KnitPicks Butterfly Kisses. It will be wonderful and warm when it's done--hopefully before Christmas.

So, that's what I am working on right now. There are more, but these two are the most pressing projects, as far as what needs to be done ASAP!

Happy Knitting!


Anni said...

I love the socks. The colours are really gorgeous and work so well together. I wouldn't give them away either but then I'm a mean mum. LOL.

Tama said...

I just hope I can finish the other sock before the end of the month! I'm a little behind right now.