Wednesday, August 30, 2006

That's it!! I am quiting school. Not only do I not have time to knit, I don't have time to remember the other things I enjoy doing either. I didn't remember to write yesterday until this morning when I realized that it was Wednesday. I thought that adding another 3-credit class to my schedule wouldn't make that big of a difference. Yeah, right!! I haven't even had time to watch a movie and knit once since school started. That's just not right. It's killing me. Here I sit at my desk, surrounded by tons (literally) of yarn and all I can do it look at it and wish I was caressing it gently as I turn it into some divine, luscious, wearable. BOO HOO!

Ok, now that that is off my chest. I really should get back to my homework since I have about 4-6 hours of it left to do.

Happy Knitting! I'm sure some of you are!

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