Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW! Time sure flies when you are too busy to notice. In the last two weeks my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed, and turned a teenager, my son had his first official eye doctors appointment, I got really sick again (all the smoke in the air from the fires is making it much worse), took two Chemistry tests, and five Geology tests. And that has just been in my "free time". I am so ready for another vacation! Two or three months would just about do it.

I teach knitting classes every other Monday. Well, this is not a good thing to do when you don't have any time to do any knitting afterwards. For two days now, all I can think about is knitting, how nice the yarn feels as it slips through my fingers, how nice the item feels as I turn it to work on the next row, etc. It is making me crazy. I also made the mistake of starting a lace sweater out of alpaca that looks like mohair. The pattern is great! The yarn is divine! AND I WOULD RATHER BE WORKING ON THAT THAN ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A word to the wise, do not go back to school to get your degree if you have several hobbies or at least one all consuming hobby. You will not have time to work on anything but school work and be miserable. I was telling my husband the other day what is wrong with school, as compared to having a job. You go to school all day, come home and do homework until you fall into bed (usually sometime after 11pm), then on the weekends do you get a break? no! Plan on doubling up on the homework load. So you spend your entire weekend doing homework as well, not to mention, the laundry, dishes, and other housework that has been stacking up all week because you were too busy doing your homework. When you have a job, you go to work, come home and have the rest of the evening to yourself to do with whatever you would like--housework, knitting, watch tv, knitting, go to the park with the kids and knit, go out to eat and sneak your knitting along, etc. Then when the weekend comes, it's even better. You have 48 plus hours to knit, avoid housework, knit, watch movies with the family and knit, etc, and knit!!! See what I mean? I really don't know what convinced me to go back to school. I thought it would be like when I was 18 I guess. You remember? You could scan a couple of pages in 5 minutes and remember everything you read for years afterwards, you could pass tests without studying, you spent more time running around with your friends than you did in class, but still got a B grade. That is NOT how it is when you go back as an older adult!! Don't fool yourself into thinking it either because it is simply not true.

Well, gotta go...homework is waiting, of course.
Happy knitting!

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