Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things have calmed down a little. I finally had my break-down, cried for 4 or 5 hours to my husband (who, by the way, told me it was perfectly fine with him if I quit school so I had more time to knit). Isn't he just wonderful, I guess that was all I needed to hear because things are much better this week. Now if I could just get over this cold thing I've had forever. I've noticed that at least 90% of the student and faculty at the college are now suffering with the same symtoms at various stages. I'm sure it's not my fault, but it started somewhere and I think I've had it the longest (oops!).

It has snowed on the mountains here in Colorado, already! I couldn't believe it. We are about a month ahead of schedule. I know for a fact that the trees in the mountains haven't even started changing colors yet. They will now though!!! Usually we don't see snow around here until after Halloween, if we see any at all, and the weather channel is calling for snow tomorrow night! Wow, I guess I'll have to dig out all those great socks, sweaters, and hats early. Not to mention think about all the great projects I could be making if I wasn't drowning in homework.

You know, I have neglected to put any patterns on here as promised. I forgot all about it. I will try to put something together for next week. I promise! Until then.....

Hope you get some snow too!

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