Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is what every one thinks of when you say Colorado. I took this the other day (yes, my date is wrong on the picture and so is the time, someday I am going to fix it) when we went up into the mountains to look for mushrooms and fish. It was still too dry for mushrooms (don't know how the fishing went, you'd have to ask hubby about that). I thought for sure it would be wet enough after all the thunder storms we've had the last couple of weeks. I did find raspberries!!! When we got back home that evening the news said that a bear had attacked someone in their tent, right up where we were, earlier that day. He must have been looking for the raspberries I found. He definately would have enjoyed them.

I had a great conversation today in Border's Bookstore with a lady about knitting. She was going to be taking vacation in Europe and wanted some small knitting projects to take along. Of course, I recommended socks. Is there a better small, portable, knitting project out there? I don't think so! I have knit a lot of socks while on vacation and I have found them to be the perfect tavel project. Anyway, I was able to recommend a very good book by Nancy Bush (of course, she is the only other person I know who has knit as many pairs of socks as I have, and her patterns are always well done.). The lady said that she had never made a pair of socks (how can you be a knitter and never made a pair of socks?). I reasured her that if she could make a sweater that she could make socks. I then directed her to several excellent sock yarn sources; local and internet. I am sure Border's was delighted that I was there selling their books for them and not asking for an hourly wage.

It is always so much fun to find someone to talk knitting with. It is one of my most favorite subjects. So, let's talk knitting!!!!! By the way, Joni, I don't have an e-mail address for you so if you read this again put your e-mail address in the comment section and I will get back to you.

I am currently working on some patterns to post on here so stay tuned.
Happy Knitting!!!!!!

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