Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, as you can see I never figured out why my latest pictures didn't post. So I am trying again today to see if they will post. At some point I will figure out what is going on, I hope.

School started Monday, for all of us in my house. The daughter goes to middle school, the youngest - to elementary, and me - college. I am exhausted and it has only been two days. Science degrees are for the young I've about decided. I really love my classes, but at my age I need twice as long to learn a concept as the kids that are half of my age. Why can't we have all year to learn Calculus or Chemistry? Four months just is not enough time for me. And on top of classes, I decided to be a math tutor and teachers assistant. I feel a little frazzled after just getting all of the paperwork filled out. I am hoping that I will adjust to all the work quickly so that I will be able to schedule some very important knitting time. After all, I can't let myself get behind in knitting!!!!!! It's like the most important thing I do all day!

YEAH!!!!!!!My picture came up!!! It was such a gorgeous day! (sigh, sigh). It's not every year that this type of opportunity comes along--mushrooms, gorgeous day, plenty of time to hike in the mountains, and spend time with your family. I fully intend to go up there one more time before it snows to look for mushrooms. Just thinking about going back up there makes me feel all fluffy (a term I use because of my angora rabbit raising background. My angora rabbits were so beautiful and fluffy that to pet them or watch them play made me feel all warm and peaceful inside so "fluffy" became my way to describe that feeling).

I just received a new book (I am so naughty!!! another book? Like I don't have enough already) called Andean Folk Knits. I saw it, or something very similar, a few years ago but never picked it up. However, I finally broke down and bought it. It is very, very good. If you are even remotely interested in anthropology and knitting this is a must-have. Beautiful pictures, facinating lore, great projects. Very distracting! when you are supposed to be working on Christmas presents (that you have already found patterns for and ordered the yarn for). Speaking of yarn for Christmas projects, I also received the yarn for a sweater I am going to make. It is by KnitPicks. I must admit, their "Suri Dream" alpaca blend yarn is a DREAM. I love it. I hate mohair!!!YUCK, YUCK! but I love the fluffy, furry, look that mohair yarns give a project. So..."Suri Dream" is like THE answer to a knitters prayer for something dreamy soft (not scratchy and itchy like mohair), fluffy, and furry. (Besides angora yarn, anyway.)

Oh, look another picture came up!!Yeah! So, the first picture is of my kids and some of the great mushrooms we found and the second is of a perfect bolete! (sigh, sigh). I love mushrooms!

OK, well I have to get back to my 6 hours of homework that needs to be done by morning.


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