Monday, January 18, 2010

What a day!  We are getting ready to be gone for over a week--something we have never done!  I spent the weekend washing clothes, cleaning house, and trying to get everyone organized and their stuff packed.  The Daughter and PB are headed to Gramma and Grandpa's at one end of the country and HB and I are headed to the other end of the country. 

The schools are NOT happy with me!  Oh well!  As long as my kids complete all of the work they will miss in class, what does it matter?  The schools just want their money and aren't really concerned about my kids not being in class learning.  I am not fond of public schools!  Of course, I never have been--even when I was in school.

Today things are so stressful I've managed to give myself such a headache.  I can't even knit, little alone focus on anything else.  I did manage to get all of my employees lined out on the schedule, responsibilities, and work to do while I am gone.  At least I have really good employees!  I don't have to worry about them just not showing up for work and I know that when I get back everything will be done and in order.

I don't know what to do with the cat!  Pampered, spoiled rotten, declawed, big baby!  He is The Daughter's cat and he literally waits for her to come to bed at night.  If she waits to long he comes and finds her and will not quit meowing until she heads up to her room.  It's very cute!

Ok, well just had to vent for a minute.  Maybe I can re-focus now.


Carol VR said...

Your heading to CANADA to visit me, right?!?

Tama said...

Oh that does sound fun. We would have a great time, right? You could cook yummy food and I could knit your hat/scarf/glove combo.

Hege said...

Hope things are working out fine for you and your hubby!
The cat sound really cute :)