Friday, January 15, 2010

Here We Go......

Well, I guess HB and I are heading to Florida on Wednesday to the Laser Spine Institute to see if they can fix his back.  Spirits were really high as we have contemplated the possibility that this could relieve a huge portion of his pain and back problems.

As you may recall he has had 4 surgeries to try to fix an injury he received at work.  He eventually received the depressing news that he has Failed Back Syndrome.  Which lead to us moving to this awful town in the hopes of giving him an occupation that he could do that wouldn't cause any more damage to his back.  Of course you all know how THAT went--the whole "live-in motel manager" was terrible!

A couple of months ago HB came across an ad for the Laser Spine Institute.  It sounded like they might be able to help him and so he sent them his information.  The contacted him a few days later and got the ball rolling.  Unfortunately, we went to see HB's pain management doctor last week who proceeded to tell us what idiots we were and that the place is a scam, is bogus, and that he isn't going to pick up the pieces when they screw HB's back up more.  Well, for someone who has never heard of the place, didn't even know where it was located, etc. he sure formed an opinion about them awful quick.  He puts in spinal stimulator's and pump's and if something like LSI came along and actually fixed people with failed backs he would be out of business.  However, he accomplished making HB and I really second guess things.  Even after checking them out with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida department of licensing we are still nervous.  I did a complete check on every one of the doctor's at LSI and they are all licensed, American Board of Othopedic or Osteopathic certified, and none of them have any bad marks on their reports.  So, I don't know where HB's doc got his information, but it doesn't make him look very intelligent to make such un-researched, ill-conceived statements.

I can't get rid of this nagging pit in my stomach though--one of the "gifts" of being a chronic worrier.  Why would he say that stuff?  What if he is right?  What do we do about him if he is wrong?  He is the only pain management doctor we've been able to find in 16 months that will even look at HB. 

If any of you out there in the wide internet world know anything about The Laser Spine Institute, PLEASE put it in the comments ASAP!  I could really use some un-biased information.


Awesome Mom said...

Maybe he made his opinion based on the name alone. You have to admit that the Laser Spine institute does sound rather chiche. However if you have done the research on the doctors and everything seems fine then go for it. If you feel hesitant about the procedures that are being proposed you can always say no and get a second opinion from another less biased doc.

Pixie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and I hope all goes well for your hubby.. will be thinking of you both xxx