Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only Two Things

I have lived in the "Worst Place to Live" for 16 months now and have managed to finally find two things that I like about this place.  Trust me!! it's not the schools, or the "small town" atmosphere, or the friendly people (because there really aren't any, except for those of us that have moved in from other states and hate it here)!!

The first thing I discovered, right after we moved here, was that we can run over to Salt Lake City or Ogden on a Saturday and spend the day at great yarn shops--where Nancy Bush, (no not George's wife!) my favorite knitwear designer, may be seen, great malls, great entertainment, etc.  I have always liked Salt Lake and the fact that my latest favorite LYS (Blazing Needles) is in the Sugar House area is a real bonus!

So after that, I haven't found anything else to really like.  Sure I love the snow and really cold weather.  My job is one that I truly enjoy and never mind working at.  But, other than that this is the worst place I have ever lived (remember that I have moved some 40 or 45 times in my life and travelled most of the US and Mexico so I do consider this to be an educated, well researched, statement).  The schools and school district are......hmmm what word do I use here?......Let's just say that every time I have to deal with them, "W.T.F." enters my mind several times and they never cease to leave me with my mouth hanging open in obvious disbelief.  The people that run things at the schools are so far removed from reality that I am pretty sure Roger Rabbit is the superintendent--or maybe Daffy Duck.  I can't believe I am going to say this, but I would rather my kids were attending school in Monticello Utah than here--I attended there the last two years of High School much to my great horror. (No offense those of you who also attended, you have to realize that it was a HUGE culture shock for me). 

And the town here....don't even get me started!  I am pretty sure that they are all living on some other planet.  "Hi, my name is Tama. I am from planet earth and I come in peace."  I am not kidding.  These people do not live in the real world, or at least the dimension that I live in.  Let me just say that, WOW! this is a terrible place to live.

So, the second thing I found that I like about here came along quite out of the blue.  I was blazing out to my car to start it warming up from -10 degrees farenheit, plopped down into my car and went to turn the key in the ignition when I looked up and...........................

HOLY SMOKE!!!!  I almost ran over two moose RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR and didn't even notice them.  I was so excited I couldn't remember how to make phone calls.  Then when HB answered I told him to get his.....I couldn't think of what it was called...."you know that thing that takes pictures!! THERE ARE MOOSE RIGHT OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR!!"   I really can't think of the last time I was that excited--even when I found 100% cashmere on sale, a couple of weeks ago, for a killer price I didn't get as excited as I was when I saw those moose.  Maybe the last time I got that excited was when I was riding my dirt bike on a moutain road, came zipping around a corner, and about wrecked because there was a mama bear and her cubs feasting on a huge dead cow in the middle of the road not five feet from my front tire.  That was pretty exciting for them and me.

We took video of the mama and calf moose as they were stripping bark from tree trunk and branches then followed, at a safe distance, until they meandered into the willows out back.  It was AWESOME!!!  I have never seen moose in real life.  Seen a lot of other wildlife, but never moose.  HB told me to pay more attention when I am "be-bopping" out to my car.  I guess mama moose can be VERY protective and are known to stomp things to death that she considers a threat.  It was still AWESOME!  EXCITING! ETC!

Yep, two things. 


Barb W. said...

Your that close to Nancy Bush. I am coming out to visit you.

Barb W.

Tama said...

She is like..WOW! I met her when she had her shop "Wooly West" in Salt Lake. She is one celebrity that makes me feel weak in the knees.

Awesome Mom said...

Next time I am in Utah visiting family we should meet and then go on a yarn shop hop. I have only been to the Black Sheep and one in Sandy that I can't remember the name of.

Hege said...

I love elks (we don't have mooses here), and they like to wander in our garden and eat on our rowan tree and the redcurrant bush ;)

Tama said...

Awesome--that would be a lot of fun. Just email me when you are going to be there and I will come pick you up. There are some great shops there!

Hege--I love elk also. But moose are so weird and HUGE! They are much taller than elk. I was really surprised at how tall they are.

Barb W. said...

I took a class from Nancy Bush a couple of years ago. I was worth every cent I paid and every mile I had to drive.

Carol VR said...

I love the new blog design.

Those pictures are super cool and if ever you need real peaceful citizens come to CANADA... we come in peace...LOL.

Hege said...

Yes, it's a bit confusing about the moose/elk ;)
I had to check it up at wikipedia - and I've never heard about your kind of elk - looks like a deer...

But it's a European Elk (Alces alces), also known as Moose that we have here in Norway. So I guess they are the same. I've always thought that moose was a lot bigger than our elk ;) It might be because I've seen big moose bulls on nature dokumentarys from Alsaka *lol*

Also, when I click on your link at my comment I just get this message and are not coming directly to your blog. Maybe you have choosen to have it like this, but I thought I'd let you know.

"The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile."