Monday, February 08, 2010

Catchin Up!

I keep waiting to post until I can post pictures.  Well if I don't post anyway there is going to be so much to post about it will take forever.  So, when I get around to uploading pictures to my computer there will be a "picture catchin up" post.

The trip to Florida was WONDERFUL!!!  I can't think of a better place to go to get rid of 6 years of pain and suffering (oh ya for HB also LOL!).  HB is almost as good as new.  He went from "no hope" to "a world of opportunities", from "you will just have to live with the pain" to "pain-free".  It is truly a miracle!!!  After all of the heart-breaking news we have received about his condition over the past two years his condition now, after a one and a half hour surgery, is nothing short of a miracle.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.  If I had just won an academy award I would be saying, "I'd like to thank God, the internet, all of the wonderful staff at Laser Spine Institute, Bernard (one of the shuttle drivers) at the Westin Inn, the staff of the Westin Inn, the helpful and kind flight attendants, the Florida TSA security people, HB's ex-worker's comp insurance company for being so terrible and forcing us to settle (if we hadn't he wouldn't have been eligible for the surgery at LSI), and my boss for hiring me for a job with a business that just happened to have the insurance carrier that LSI accepted."  Without all of these people HB would not be where he is today.

Ok, I gotta stop before I get my keyboard all wet and soggy.  I will post pictures of one of the most beautiful places on earth--Tampa Florida--and THE most beautiful, comfortable, relaxing, amazing hotel's I've ever stayed in when I get the pictures uploaded from the camera.  We will be going back there someday--soon!--for a vacation with the kids.  Everyone should visit Florida at least once in their lives.

On with the knitting update:  I have gone and started what I said I would never make another one of.  Yep!  you guessed it!  I got a wild hare and started an afghan for my in-laws for Christmas. 

I know what you are saying, "Don't you remember that gigantic pink thing for The Daughter and how you swore it was the biggest black hole you've ever worked on?  What about all that ranting and raving you did because it just WOULDN'T GET FINISHED?  Are you CRAZY!?" 

Me:  But, you see, this afghan is different!  There are only 24 squares to knit then you just sew them together and TADA! instant afghan. 

You:  "What?  What did you say?  Did you say you had to sew?  Don't you HATE sewing stuff up?"

Me:  Ummmm, yaaaaaa........but it's only 24 will be really easy right?  I just knit at least two squares a month, three for a couple of the months, then in November sew all the squares.  It should be ok.  I have all year to get it done.

(Check back with me in June to see how I'm doing or if I've buried it deep in some closet somewhere.)

I don't know what was wrong with me this weekend, but I couldn't start enough new projects.  Apparently it isn't enough to have 6 other UFO's or WIP's laying around.  I started the March AND April Sockamania designs, another tie for PB, two new sweaters, and the hat I was supposed to make for The Daughter for Christmas but didn't quite get to it--good thing the temperatures are still in the single digits or low double digits here!  I was like a kid in a candy factory where I could run from place to place sampling everything.  As I looked over the disaster area this morning I marved that I didn't have a hangover from all the "new yarn fumes"!  It was all terribly fun!!!  Now I have to dig deep inside myself, find my self control, and commit to finishing everything before starting anything new!!!  Except maybe for those off-white lace gloves out of that luscious alpaca silk from Misti Alpaca's I bought a little while back--that yarn is so delicious I want to fill the bathtub with it, dive in, and roll around in it naked!!!  (HB is rolling on the floor laughing at that!) 

Anyway, with all of that out of my should be up to date.  Pictures will follow, not of me rolling in the yarn (LOL!), but of Florida and all my new projects.

Happy Knitting!!  And if any of you have been told there is no hope out there JUST KEEP LOOKING!!  Somewhere is the answer! and people waiting to help you.


Awesome Mom said...

Woo hoo! I am so glad that the surgery worked!

Hege said...

Great to hear that the surgery went well!!!
And you know, I do have times when I cast on project after project too and never seems to finish anything ;)

marit said...

Great news! What a relief it must be to finally get some help!!!

Carol VR said...

I can't believe you posted 5 days ago and I'm just getting to you now... You must now have the afghan finished I suspect...LOL

quillsongs said...

I would love to talk to you about your LSI experience. I am looking to go down the beginning of March. The internet is full of opinions and I am worried. Would like to talk first hand to someone who has been through it! Heather