Thursday, February 18, 2010

Promised Pictures

Ok.  FINALLY, here they are:
This is the Westin's private beech.  It was really beautiful!Our motel room was AWESOME!
The Tampa evening skyline from our motel window.

And that is a few pictures from Florida.  I love Tampa.  I can't wait to take the kids and go back for a visit someday!!

Here is the hat I made for The Daughter:
She love's it--a huge plus when making her something.  I used a bulky weight merino/cashmere blend yarn.  The results are warm, soft, and wonderful!  This is another one of my "off the top of my head" patterns--not bad!

So, there are the pictures I promised the other day :o)


Hege said...

Love the hat!!
And the pictures are beautiful.

Awesome Mom said...

That hat is adorable!!! I hope you write the patten up because I would love to knit one for myself.

Tama said...

The pattern is super easy! I will probably offer is as a free pattern here on the blog and at Ravelry. I'll have to do it soon before I forget what I did LOL!