Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have been working on spinning some yarn for a customer that should never be made into anything wearable. She has a "pet" sheep (I am sure she has told me the beloved animals name several times but I just can't remember it--I call it Steel Wool or Chore Boy and several other names) that produces the scratchiest fiber I have ever spun, touched, etc. She has had this pet's fleece processed by our local fiber mill and then she brings the bags (and bags and bags and bags) to me to spin into various types and colors of yarn. Now, not exaggerating, this fiber is so scratchy that my hands are completely exfolliated each time I spin a bobbin of yarn from it. If I sit down and spin up most of a bag in one sitting I can expect my hands to be a little raw in several places.

So what is she doing with the more than 5,000 (+ or - a few) yards of this awful yarn you ask. Well, she has brought by a finished men's cardigan, a vest, and several woven scarves. All of these items are EXTREMELY beautiful, the workmanship is exquisite and perfect, BUT definately things you would wear next to your skin. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was scratchy even with a heavy T-shirt underneath. I have to admit though that the items are very, very nice. I still don't think that fiber of that quality should be spun. It would be perfect for carpet though.

All fiber does have a purpose, just not all of it is worthy of clothing.

Happy Knitting!!


Anni said...

At least she uses the resulting yarn. Maybe she wears gloves when she knits with it.LOL.

Tama said...

I truly believe you would have to wear gloves to knit this stuff! Honestly, it exfolliates the skin from my hands as I spin it into yarn.