Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Last weeks post was a little short because we had family coming in to visit from Washington (state). I didn't get to knit one time all week until Saturday Morning. It was bliss to sit in my living room, in the peace and quiet, before everyone was awake and knit for about two hours straight. When I don't get to knit for a day or two I start getting withdrawals. I feel like I've forgotten something or something is missing. The feeling is similar to when you are at the store and realize that you left your list at home. You buy what you are sure was on the list, but at the register you have that nagging feeling that you've missed something important. Anyway, I spent quite a bit of quality time with my knitting over the weekend (no, I did not work on the blue lace project). I had cleaned the house so well in anticipation of having guests that I didn't have to do any housework for four days. I have been known to neglect housework in favor of knitting before, however this time it was ok because the house was already clean.

Summer is speeding right along and before we know it school will be back in and the weather will start cooling off. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool weather means warm fluffy clothing!!! My personal favorite. Not to mention, with the kids in school I have more time to knit because I don't need to entertain them. Public school does have it's advantages over home schooling (though they are few).

Happy knitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joni said...

I just received notification of your application to the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring. No hurry of course, but if you want to e-mail me when you have your ring code up I'll go ahead and put you in the ring right away. :)

Tama said...

Joni, I never did figure out how to email you.