Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It is way too hot outside, here in the deserts of Colorado! Yes, there is a desert section of Colorado. We have the plains on the east and the desert on the west and the Rocky Mountains through the middle. Which provides all sorts of geologic and biologic variety. I love it here! Washington was a great state to live in because you could spend everyday, all day, day in and day out, knitting. There's not a lot of outdoor activities one can do when it is pouring rain so you find things to do indoors. That's my only regret for moving to Colorado. Sometimes there is too much to do outdoors and it gets in the way of more important pursuits, like knitting of course.

I can't believe I FINALLY figured out how to add links to this blog site!!! It's a party! Saddly enough I worked almost two hours yesterday on this site trying to figure out how to do it. I finally decided this morning to just try a different template, and viola! that's all it took. I am so happy I think I'll knit something special to celebrate the moment.

That beautiful lace project sure looks sad and lonely. I really should work on it again someday. I know I have promised to put a picture of it on here and still have not. I think I am embarassed at how little I have done since I told the world I was starting it. I will try to get it on here next week. I have a new good excuse for not working on it though, a friend of mine had a baby and I just had to make him the adorable "baby bolero" from the new book "Oneskein" by Leigh Radford. I used some absolutely divine pima cotton I got from Knit Picks and it turned out so nice. It's a great pattern if you need a quick baby gift. Very easy, very little sewing, great results! If you haven't taken a look at this book yet, I recommend it. I had to laugh though, yes all of the projects are made with one skein of yarn. However, some of those "one" skeins have 1250 yds of yarn on them (Lorna's Laces).

Well, until next time,
HAPPY KNITTING! and I hope it's nice and cool where you are!

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