Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is my "Hey Teach" sweater all done!! I mentioned that I was extremely obsessed with it a couple of months ago. I actually finished it before we started packing up to move, but since all of life has been consumed with the art of loading and unloading boxes for the last month and a half, I am just now getting the time to take pictures and write about this adorable little number.

And as if the sweater itself wasn't cute enough, check out the buttons that I found!!!!!! FOSSILS! I had to sit down and take a few deep breaths when I saw these. I have never seen buttons like this! I couldn't have special ordered a set of buttons that would have made me happier. (Yes I know, I am a little odd.) Who needs (blank) when you can knit a sweater from a pattern that is this easy, this cute, this well written, and then find buttons like these to put on the finished product? (Feel free to put your own words into the "blank").

I just finished these last night. They are the October Sockamania pattern. I knit them with some yarn I won from one of the KAL's I participate in. It's a bamboo/silk blend. I loved knitting with it!! It is reminds me of really good mercerized egyptian cotton, but with a softer hand and the drape of silk. A certain person from the "Christmas List" is going to really like these!

Speaking of "The Christmas List", how many of you are already making plans to knit all of your Christmas gifts this year? Ya, me too. I am falling into that same rut I find myself in about this time of year every year. (Ooo, I should make that lace shawl for... and those turkish socks for...and an afghan for... Ooo, and that sweater for...etc. etc. etc). It will be November in two days which means that I have less than two months to make all of these lovely projects for everyone on my list. Will I make it this year????? Nope! I never do. But who can resist all of that delicious yarn, the challenge of being "under the gun" at the last minute, and all of those great patterns? I've decided that planning knitting projects is a good chunk of the excitement and fun. After all, I like to think and talk about yarn and knitting almost as much as I like buy yarn and knit it.

So.............Happy Knitting!


Awesome Mom said...

Beautiful!! I saw a nice version of Hey Teach when I saw the Yarn Harlot and have been contemplating making it my first big project for me. First I have to stop being sick all evening and then I have to finish my pile of WIPs.

Hege said...

It's beautiful and you look so great in it!
The buttons are very beautiful.
Well, I have knitted up some presents already. But I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to knit all the things I have planned... I hope so, because I really want to spend a little less money this christmas.

Have a great weekend!

Carol VR said...

That's looks so great!!!

You could post that picture on the pattern jacket.... too cute!!!

pontos said...

Ohhh, looove the buttons! :)

Anni said...

Love your top. is that you modelling it? Love the socks too. bamboo/silk sounds gorgeous. I'm in a bit of a bamboo blend and silk blend phase at the moment.