Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fun Stuff!

Halloween has come and gone. At least HoneyBunny was home this year!! We had fun dressing up. Since we moved to this small town the kids got to go Trick or Treating. They had a great time! The kids were really excited that HoneyBunny and I were all dressed up so we took this picture. Don't we make a cute couple?

HoneyBunny has decided that he wanted to try his hand at making jewelry. These are the first three rings he made. They are made from antique silver spoon and fork handles. Aren't they great!! I love them! So unique! Each one is one of a kind. I am going to be listing them for sale in my etsy store.

And.....Look at this adorable hat I finished over the weekend!!!!!! Once again, I was a woman possessed! I couldn't stop working on it. It is such a fun hat to make!! I think I'll make a hundred.

Of course The Daughter looks great in it. It is so handy to have such a cute model to put all of my hand knits on.

Well the new Sockamania sock pattern is out and I can't wait to get started! I am off to go knit some more.


Awesome Mom said...

That is a sweet hat! I am hoping that my evening sickness leaves pretty soon so that I can get some WIPs done and off of my project lists.

I love your costume. I went as as a tired mom, it was an easy costume to do.

Carol VR said...

Where's YOUR costume...LOL

I love hubby's shirt.

Hege said...

Great hat!
And the rings your hubby is making is beautiful!

Annie said...

She is selling that hat.

I'm off to your etsy store!

Anni said...

Gorgeous hat.