Saturday, October 18, 2008

Almost Normal

With my kitchen all in place, my bedroom completely unpacked, pictures finding their way onto the walls, and time to knit I am beginning to relax a little and enjoy my new circumstances. I even found my missing circular needles and all of my knitting books. I had no idea how important some of those items were to my feelings of well-being. Once certain things were in place the break-neck need to keep unpacking until everything was out of a box ended. WHEW! (Now I just need to recover from this stupid cold I managed to get because I wouldn't stop to rest). Now I am unpacking maybe one or two boxes a day or every other day depending on my mood. The biggest project left is to organize our storage/work room. I figure that it can wait until I am completely recovered from the move and winter is serious enough that outside adventures, on our day off, is not an appealing idea (it can stay at temperatures below zero for a daytime high).

Yesterday was our day off and we spent the entire day goofing off. No unpacking, no cleaning, no laundry, no nothing not fun. It was great!! We went out to eat pizza, drove up to the Uinta mountains--which are only about 30 miles away!--,bummed around town looking in stores (HoneyBunny bought me a gorgeous earring and necklace set for our anniversary), and then finished the day with the newest Indiana Jones movie and two hours of non-stop knitting! I loved it!
My Sockamania socks for the month of October are half way done!! Yeah!! It has been at least two months since I was able to complete anything so I am really excited about this project. I will definately post pictures of them when I finish.

In the mean time here are some pictures of my new home/job surroundings:

This is the view out of my kitchen window and the stained glass partition between the living
quarters and the front desk.

The Son and HoneyBunny's idea of moving......LOL!

And what would Wyoming be without antelope and buffalo? The antelope are the herd that hangs out on our lawns and the mountain outside my kitchen window and the buffalo hangs over the front desk.
I'll try to get some more pictures taken soon of the town etc. In the mean time my knitting is calling me and I better take advantage of it before things pick up this evening.
Happy Knitting! and whatever else you would say if you were from Wyoming--like "Ya'll come back now yu hear!" :o)


Awesome Mom said...

I am glad that you are settling in. Woo hoo for finding your knitting stuff.

AfternoonMoon said...

Glad you are settled and most importantly glad you found the circs. I feel your pain on the missing needles. I freak when I cant find what I am looking for. Good use of control not to dump everything into a huge pile until the needles were found. You should reward yourself with some nice yarn.

Angela said...

Nice to hear things are settling down. Seems like an awesome place to be, how cool is that view of the antelope!!

Carol VR said...

I'm with the guys. That's my way of unpacking also...LOL.

Tama said...

Thanks Afternoon Moon! I think I will! I need to christen my new stash area anyway so new yarn is definately in order! I was approaching the "dump everthing into a huge pile" stage when I found them--just in time!