Monday, May 12, 2008

Time Saving Technology

Supposedly computers save us untold hours of time and space. However, if you really think this is true, take a closer look at all the paper we waste making copies and have something go wrong with your computer.

I have spent HOURS and HOURS over the last two weeks trying to figure out what is wrong with my computer and printer. It has not saved me one minute of my time!! Something has gone wrong with my printer and it has somehow done something to the computer that it is attached to. I just want to tear my hair out, really, about now. I hate when there are technical difficulties!! It just makes me crazy. The reason, of course, is because instead of knitting I am sitting here trying to figure out what has gone wrong with my computer and how to fix it. I would much rather be sitting here knitting and relaxing rather than being all stressed out and angry at this stupid machine that is supposed to make my life easier and give me more free time to do the things that I enjoy.

Several years ago the computer I had before this one got spy ware or a virus or something and I lost EVERYTHING! All of my pictures of the kids birthdays, Christmas', Easter, baptisms, etc. I am still sick about it. No, I didn't back anything up because the stupid thing wouldn't turn on and let me once I realized what was wrong. I HATE TO LOOSE ANYTHING--ESPECIALLY PICTURES THAT ARE IRREPLACEABLE. So, the minute my computer experiences one little glitch I start freaking out and feel sick. I just know I am about to loose all of my pictures again. And wouldn't you know it, I haven't backed them up for a couple of months! Of course, nothing that would allow me to back up pictures is working either!

I really don't feel good right now. I am actually considering sending my pictures out to all of my online storage places so that I can figure out what to do with them from there. At least they won't be lost.

Time saving! HA!


Awesome Mom said...

Ugh that stinks!! I am very careful about backing up my pictures. We also store them on an external hard drive so that if our main computer crashes it is much less likely to take the other hard drive with it. I am glad that my husband is in the IT field so that he can usually solve any computer issues we have and if he can't someone at work can help. If you use Firefox as a browser you are a lot more protected from getting junk downloaded onto your computer with out you knowing about it.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm pretty sure there are ways to recover lost stuff after a failure. Unfortunately I don't know how. Perhaps if you save your photos to flicker or piccassa they will still be there in the event of a meltdown.