Friday, November 16, 2007

WIP's and the Podcast

My story that is featured on the YarnCraft podcast came out this week and you can listen to it here. I found myself feeling nervous and getting sweaty palms as they introduced it. To think that people all over the world could listen to something I wrote, wow!

Now for the WIP's I promised Monday to post Wednesday, but took off on a joy ride with HoneyBunny instead. First, the mittens I started last night. Now, I already have way to much to do, but these mittens have been harassing me for months to start them. Telling me, "I knit up REALLY fast. I have thrums, which you know you've wanted to try forever. You could make the smallest pair for the neighbors daughter. Etc., etc." So, the lure of a quick and easy project hooked me finally and I found myself half way through this mitten before I even realized that I had cast on. Now I have to make me and my son a pair for our walks to the bus stop in the morning. They will be PERFECT! Who ever thought of thrums should win the nobel peace prize or something. WOW! If you don't have a pair of mittens or socks that feature these little items YOU SHOULD! They are the ultimate for warmth!

Second are the Sockamania socks for November. These will be for the daughter for Christmas. I LOVE this pattern. It is officially my new most favorite sock pattern. I am making them out of SWTC's Tofutsies yarn. I don't like pink, but I really like the color pattern of this yarn!

Third project that I am working on this week is the shawl that I started a month ago or so. Now that I have the lace pattern figured out it is going much faster. I really like it! In fact, I am having a hard time deciding whether it should be "Merry Christmas to me" or someone else.

Next, I worked on these the other night when I had had enough of all the other projects and got past the place for the inserted heel and started the foot. Three more inches and a toe then put in the heel and the first of this pair will be done. If I would just sit down and work on them instead of the other 20 projects I am making they would have been done a long time ago. They are for me, though, and I feel like I am savoring every minute of them. They are the most beautiful pair of socks I have made in a long time.

And FINALLY, the last project that I have been working on this week--in fact they are the project I took on my joy ride Wednesday--are the pants for the daughter. Yes, I know they are very GREEN! She loves to wear grass green and looks good in it and even requested that these be this color. So, there they are. I altered the pattern so that the front and back of the leg is knit at the same time. Otherwise there are four leg pieces and you know what that means--hours of handsewn seams. I HATE sewing up seams, especially when things can be knit in the round. I would knit these in the round completely, but I still haven't figured out how to make the crotch area turn out right if I do. Two seams are better than four!

Whew! At least I am not getting bored with any of the projects. There is plenty of variety!

Happy Crazy Knitting!

P. S. Only 39 (40 if you want to count Christmas Day) knitting days until Christmas!


Hege said...

Looks like you hve a lot on your needles to keep you busy during the weekend ;)

The pink socks is beautiful!

HAve a great weekend :)

Fiber Chic said...

Ooooh! everything looks great--sorry about not commenting/posting, I've been MIA for a while...

Annie said...

That's awesome! Way to go!

I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving. See ya when I get back!