Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Philosophy

I have long thought, believed, and expressed to others the idea that everyone can (and should) knit. I have told countless beginners, as they struggled with each stitch, that within their DNA is a knowledge of how this works.

Here is my thinking: starting about a hundred years ago and then going backwards in time everyone knit, crocheted, spun yarn, and wove fabric for clothing. After all, if you didn't do one or all of these things you were wearing animal skins or running around in your birthday suit. When you needed socks, for example, there was no Target or Wal-Mart to go to and purchase a nice six-pack of white, cotton tube socks. You either made yourself a pair, was lucky enough to have a wife that had extra time on her hands (HA, HA!) and would make you a pair, you were royalty with tons of money at your disposal and you would pay the Master Knitter in the town to make you a pair, or you simply went without and had cold feet (which would be a real problem if you happened to live somewhere that was cold). Say you needed a winter hat, mittens, long johns, a warm coat (sweater), etc. Where would you get it? You made it! EVERYONE did this! That means that everyone on the planet today had ancestors that knew how to do this hand work.

**By the way, I am not the only person who believes this. I picked up Elizabeth Zimmerman's (for you non-knitters, Elizabeth is one of THE most well known knitters in the last 100 years) book "Knitters Almanac" the other day and was surprised, and pleased, to read that she believed this also. This book is really good and should be a part of every knitter's library! No wonder she is so revered. Not only was she a talented and accomplished knitter, but she was witty, clever, and very no-nonsense-straight forward. My kind of person!

So, somewhere hidden in your DNA is the ability and knowledge of how to knit, spin yarn , crochet, etc. If you haven't tried it, you should, and don't worry...your hands will remember what to do.

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Annie said...

I love your philosophy. I think people who have a passion for something are more interesting people.
Everyone I show the socks that you knitted for me are in awe of your talent.