Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Last of the "Steel" Wool...for now

I am finally finishing the last bag of that awful wool fiber I mentioned in a post a few months ago. Here it is ready to dye.

The tools. It's going to be pretty!

It turned out a beautiful denim blue! I have several skeins spun up. Remember, looks can be deceiving...

I love the color! It turned out so good! It's a could scrub baked-on cheese out of a pan with it.


Anni said...

It looks beautiful. Such a shame it isn't as nice to knit with. What are you going to do with it? could you knit a bag and felt it?

Tama said...

This is the last bag of that fiber I posted about on April 1st. Even my daughter commented on how beautiful the color turned out. I would never wear anything made with this stuff and I sincerely doubt it would felt. First of all it is white, naturally, and second of all it is so coarse that I can't see it felting very well at all.