Monday, August 06, 2007

My How Time Flies

Well, I do apologize. I did not realize that it has been almost two weeks since I posted. School is getting ready to start and that is a very crazy time of the year for me. School clothes shopping, school supply shopping, birthday present shopping, grocery shopping, and shopping. I used to love shopping about 20 some odd years ago. Now it's just not as much fun--spending my own money instead of someone else's changes the whole experience.

So, I had a birthday. I will neglect to mentio
n which one, but as you can see from the picture I don't look too bad for my age--and no plastic surgery! There is something to be said for eating right (who am I kidding!? I believe in dessert first!) and taking care of your skin from a very young age.

I had a great week of--yes, you guessed it--shopping, going out to lunch with my daughter, and HoneyBunny took me for a beautiful drive, sent me the flowers that you see there on the table, and just spoiled me rotten with gifts (as usual). I even got a couple of new knitting books and some yarn--imagine that!
So I made him some socks. I love to knit for him! He thinks that I am the most talented, clever, and perfect woman on earth because I knit socks for him. Who doesn't want to knit for someone like that?

I must confess though that I am neglecting several WIP'S (that's Work In Progress for you non-knitters) that are beginning to complain loudly that I am avoiding them. I hope to work on them this week. However, I joined the Sockamania club and am thoroughly enjoying the socks I am making for it! I am a compulsive sock knitter, I admit it. I can't help it! You would think after making so many that I would get sick of them and stop for a while--not so!!! I just break it up by having three or four pair going at once and then mix it up with a poncho, sweater, and capelet or two.

It's terrible, my desk never collects dust because the surface is always covered with WIP's of all sizes and shapes.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Those socks are stunning! I don't suppose you'd consider putting a pattern down on paper? ;)

Tama said...

Sure, get me your e-mail or snail mail address and I will write up a pattern for you. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

SoDak Angel said...

Tama--you are so talented! I am impressed with your ability, everytime I venture over here.

Anni said...

Happy birthday, sorry it's a bit late (okay, very late). It's my birthday on Saturday. I wish I looked as good as you though.

And WOW, those socks are gorgeous.